Teachers in Kabul complain about reduction in pay

KABUL (TOLOnews): Several schoolteachers in Kabul expressed their displeasure at the reduction in pay, saying that they could not afford to provide for their families with this amount of money.
The teachers said that their salaries had been cut by 1000 afghanis since the Islamic Emirate was established, and they are asking a pay increase from IE.
Juma, who has been a teacher in Kabul schools for 10 years, said he is the only provider for his family of five and he cannot provide for his family with this amount of money.
“Teachers’ salaries have not changed; they are still down by 1,000, thus they are suffering various challenges,” Juma Hamdard told TOLOnews.
“The teacher’s economy is very poor. Not only me, but other teachers in Afghanistan have the same problem. They live in rented houses, and their troubles are numerous. I hope officials pay attention in this respect,” Ahmad Farhad, another teacher said.
According to several Kabul residents, the county’s educational system has been impacted by teachers’ economic issues.
“Their economic situation is poor, and they cannot continue their lessons, and due to economic issues they cannot teach with a peaceful mind,” said Khalid, a resident of Kabul.
“The cost of oil and food are high, the price of everything has gone up, the prices are not steady, and the teacher’s salary is inadequate,” said Gul Wali, another resident of Kabul.
MoE has previously said that there are over 274,000 teachers employed at the nation’s schools.