Technically ready to issue e-ID cards: Telecom Ministry

Monitoring Desk

KABUL : The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MCIT) said necessary preliminary measures regarding the provision of computerized identity cards have been taken.

A statement from the MCIT media office said a gathering explaining the work process system of issuing electronic ID cards was held on a trial basis at one of the electric ID cards’ issuing centres in Kabul city.

The gathering was attended by MCIT acting minister Shahzad Aryoubi, technical deputy at Electronic-National Identity Cards (NIC) Department, Wais Payab, and media representatives.

Minister Aryoubi on the occasion said technical matters at e-NIC department belonged to MCIT, which worked jointly with e-NIC department and Grand Technology Resources (GTR) to address issues and complete the process.

“From here I announce that we are technically completely ready now for issuing e-ID cards at five existing ID cards issuing centres in Kabul city.” He hoped the process would be expanded across the country soon.

E-NIC Department deputy head Wais Payab expressed gratitude to MCIT for its technical support.

He said technical and administrative employees after being hired through reforms and meritocracy were subjected to needed practical training.

He said all necessary preparatory measures had been taken in terms of issuing e-ID cards and they were awaiting the government leadership to signal a go-ahead.

The acting MCIT minister and e-NIC department officials in presence of media explained different legal, administrative and technical steps of ID cards issuance. They gave Aryoubi a computerized ID card experimentally.