Tehmina Janjua to hold meeting with civil, military leadership in US

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua is on an official and crucial visit to the United States with the aim to strengthen the relation and an attempt by both the countries to work together.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells told media on Monday US are hoping for the beginning of with the Pakistani government and informed that Foreign Secretary Janjua will be in Washington for meeting.

She added that US has seen a positive change in Pakistan behavior and approach towards Afghanistan and in the region policies since the US suspends the aid.

Pak-US relations, which have witnessed a downward trend after US President Donald Trump’s new year tweet, were discussed during the huddle. The situation in Afghanistan and bilateral relations also came under discussion during the meeting.

On Monday, the Pentagon asserted that Islamabad has the “opportunity to do more.” “Well, with respect to Pakistan we believe that Pakistan can do more to combat terrorism,” Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana W White said at a weekend news briefing in Washington.