New Online Challenge for Tekken 7 returns

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A new Online Challenge is coming up for Tekken 7, and hardcore fans from around the world will want to hop in to earn a series of prizes.

Competitive Tekken 7 players need to start practicing because a new tournament is approaching. Bandai Namco Entertainment and ASTRO Gaming are teaming up to make the competition available across the globe. Starting on June 1, fans can put their Tekken 7 skills to the test by participating in the Tekken Online Challenge for 2021.

With a release in 2017 for consoles and PC, Tekken 7 has passed several sales milestones thanks to favorable views from the community. As the ninth entry in the long running series, it has received multiple updates and DLC since launch. After the Tekken World Tour was cancelled for 2020, Bandai Namco unveiled an Online Challenge version so players could compete. Now it is back in 2021 and promising a sizeable amount of prizes and cash for those reigning supreme.

From the official site, competitors from 14 different regions will be able to take part in the challenge. In each area, there will be a Masters Event and a Regional Final event where fans can face off. Even after Tekken Zaibatsu shut down, Bandai Namco is supporting Dojo community events through the introduction of a esports tournament portal. When it is all said and done, there is $100,000 worth of rewards awaiting the winning players.

Those enjoying Tekken 7 in a more casual way are also going to benefit from the Tekken Online Challenge. On May 27, Bandai Namco is going to release an update patch for the game that was not mentioned in the Season 4 Roadmap. According to the post, this is a balance update to get all fans on the same playing field. By following various Tekken 7 channels like Facebook or Twitter, those looking forward to the update can find out more details.

It is no secret that official tournaments play a huge part in keeping a fighting game community active. While some titles stand the test of time without this support, it does not hurt to run a tournament with cash prizes. It is great that Bandai Namco is shifting to an online format for the competition with the ongoing pandemic. With it airing in 14 regions worldwide, plenty of fans will be able to throw down for the winnings. Plus with a new patch coming, hardcore players will only have a short time to practice these balance changes.

While the tournament covers most of the globe, there are some regions that will not be able to take part. Some players may be miffed to learn that the game is getting balance changes too. Since it is for an official competition, some characters may receive buffs or nerfs that seem unwarranted. For now, fans of one of the best fighting games on PS4 and Xbox One will just need to wait a little longer to start taking part in the Online Challenge.

Tekken 7 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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