Telenor spreads awareness against COVID-19 pandemic

Telenor spreads awareness against COVID-19 pandemic

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KARACHI: In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Telenor Pakistan has yet again proved its role in being a socially responsible organization by spreading awareness of the preventive measures against this pandemic.

Telenor Pakistan, being one of the leading Telecom operators in the country, has always been a front-runner in providing innovative solutions to its customers.

This time around, Telenor has introduced another unique way of communicating with its base of 46+ million customers and reminding them of the actions they need to take to keep themselves safe.

Since social distancing is probably the best way to prevent the further spread of COVID – 19, Telenor has started promoting this message and is requesting them to stay at home as much as possible for their own and others well-being.

And the way it is doing this, is simply unique and never heard of before. Telenor has decided to change the name of its network bar that is displayed at the top of mobile screens to “Stay Home” which again reminds people of what they need to do as a preventive measure.

The discontinuation of the official network name with the network bar signal shows that Telenor is a completely selfless organization that prioritizes the needs of the country and its customers over its commercial objectives.

This is an ongoing activity which has already started and will be rolled out to the whole customer base of 46million+ Telenor customers across the country.

Not just this, Telenor is also actively communicating spreading general awareness around this pandemic to the whole of Pakistan for the general well being of Har Pakistani because Telenor claims that in this hour of need #TelenorSaathHai.

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