Temperature to soar 42C in Karachi

Temperature to soar 42C in Karachi: Met office

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KARACHI: Pakistan Meteorologist department on Wednesday warned that temperatures in excess of 42 degrees Celsius are expected to prevail in Karachi.

According to the Met Office, the heatwave is expected to continue to grip Karachi till May 3.

The Met office called on all stakeholders to take precautionary measures and remain updated on the situation.

“During this period, the maximum temperatures would range in 40-42C. The hot winds from north/northwest direction of 10-15kts are likely to dominate especially during day times. The Authorities and all stakeholders are requested to continue with their efforts of precautionary measures and keep them abreast for update from Met Office.”

Separately, the NDMA directed all relevant departments including the Sindh disaster management body to take necessary measures to minimize the impact of the severe hot weather.

In this regard, Heatstroke Stabilization and Relief Centers have been established at all available government and private hospitals, basic health facilities, rural health centers and all available government buildings and community centers across the province.

The authorities have urged citizens to avoid unnecessary travel and keep themselves hydrated.

Besides, they directed officials to ensure uninterrupted water and electricity supply to the relief centers. It also recommended that a helpline should also be established for the affected people on priority basis while ensuring necessary assistance in providing clean drinking water and medicines to the victims.

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