Terminator 2: the Russian army will be replenished with new equipment

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Ilya Kharlamov

A batch of a tank support combat vehicle, unofficially named after the famous American blockbuster Terminator 2, is about to enter service. According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, it has successfully passed the tests.

So far, the troops are expected to have only nine BMPT “Terminator-2” in addition to another 12 “Terminator” vehicles of the first generation (created on the platform of the T-90 tank ), which are in service. However, according to the American magazine “The National Interest”, potential opponents of Moscow should pay attention to this fact. Combat vehicles will enter the 90th Guards Tank Division of the Central Military District, stationed in the Urals , starting from December 1. According to the military, this is an effective technique that has been tested in cooperation with tanks. Despite the fact that the “Terminator-2” will be equipped with troops, its tests will continue. In 2022, the BMPT battalion will start working on them.

The platform of the combat vehicle cannot be called new. It was created on the basis of the chassis of the T-72 tank , which appeared in the early 1970s in the USSR . The development of the platform began more than 20 years ago, taking into account the experience of the Soviet-Afghan war and the operation in the Chechen Republic. According to official statements, the BMPT is equipped with powerful weapons (automatic cannons, machine guns, automatic grenade launchers and guided missiles), as well as modern devices. It is well protected and easy to handle even at high speeds. It is capable of striking ground-based armored targets and firing at helicopters and enemy personnel both in the city and in open areas.

A few years ago, there were heated discussions in the expert and military community about the first generation “Terminator”. In particular, it was pointed out to the low level of turret protection, not quite a successful arrangement of weapons and the lack of special advantages over the devices of serial tanks. However, it seems that these problems in the case of “Terminator 2” have been eliminated and removed from the agenda. By the way, Algeria ordered 300 of these machines for its army .

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