Terrorist attacks

After a long lull, the terrorist groups have become once again active to hit the targets of their choosing , revealing that that they still have the capability to carryout attacks with greater impact of bloodshed. At least 25 people were killed and 50 injured in Kalyaya Bazar of Aurakzai tribal district. The blast was caused by an improvised explosive device hidden in a carton of vegetable.

Security officials say that bodies of the dead ones and injured people have been taken to Kohat hospital. It is pertinent to mention that the market targeted by bombing was near to religious seminaries.

In another incident of terrorism three armed terrorist attacked the Chinese Consulate in the posh Clifton locality of Karachi. The attack was foiled by the police in which two policemen embarrassed martyrdom. All the three attackers were killed in the ensuing gun fire. This is grim reminders that that terrorist outfits have still the strength and capacity to inflict a heavy damage, presumably operating either from their shelters inside Afghanistan or the sleeper cells inside Southern Punjab and Interior Sindh. The operations being carried out may have weakened the terror groups but not completely wiped out.

Like the previous PML-N government the present PTI government has not been able to bring NAP to the front burner and implement all its points. The seminary reforms, curriculum reforms, choking the sources of funding to terror groups, reforming the justice system and above all changing the mind set producing inclination towards extremism and terrorism. The exploitative economic system concentration national resources in the hands of powerful elite classes and depriving the common man from their benefits also flourish the extremist tendencies. It time that all points of NAP should be implemented in totality without further delay as the war against terror cannot be won with the political expediency of one step forward and two steps backward.



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