Terrorists activities in border areas

Yesterday, Security Forces killed five terrorists among two commanders in two separate intelligence-based operations (IBOs) conducted in Mir Ali and Khaisur areas of North Waziristan. The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) shared the details in a statement that during the IBOs five terrorists including two terrorist commanders Syed Raheem Abid of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (AKK Group) and Saifullah Noor of TTP (Gohar Group) were killed. The terrorist commander Syed Raheem Abid remained involved in 17 terrorist activities against Security Forces, while, the terrorist commander Syed Rahim Abid was involved in killing of 4 Maliks in Mir Ali area, 3 engineers working in a company in North Waziristan and many improvised explosive devices (IEDs) attacks on Security Forces.

There has been reports of resurgence and regrouping of terrorists of TTP during last two years. Although, Pakistan Army has eliminated the terrorist’s infrastructure from the Ex. FATA area including North and South Waziristan through successful operation Zarb-e-Azb. As government eased the security measures in the area on the demands of so-called Pashtun Tuhafiz Movement (PTM), The remains and terrorist sleeper cells got space for their re-emergence and started terrorists attacks on security forces and targeting the notable of the local population.

The situation was ripe enough for the anti-Pakistan elements including Indian Intelligence (RAW) and NDS to mobilize their proxies in the area to create law and order problem to reduce the impact of the successes of Pakistan’s security forces in Operation Zarb-e-Azb. These element’s primary target were local civilian Maliks to create sense of insecurity and fear among the masses.

Due to such terrorist activities, the groups earlier calling for easing security measures now criticizing the Security Forces for failing to protect the masses. Pakistan’s valiant Security Forces continue their struggle to identify the terrorists who have got merged into the public or established their hideouts in the far-flung areas/ forests. It was a very difficult situation, however, Pakistan Army remained successful in locating terrorist hideouts and killed numerous terrorists in their Intelligence Based Operations. During these operations, several of our Armed Forces officers and men laid their lives while fighting against enemies of their motherland. Provincial government should establish the basic administrative and civil security apparatus in the new merged Districts of KPK at urgent basis. When Police and other civilian institutions became capable of dealing with law and order problems, Pakistan Army can fully concentrate on the threats being posed by foreign Intelligence and its proxies.

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