Terrorists-Mercenaries and big powers

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The Syrian News Agency reported that US occupation forces have transferred dozens of Daesh terrorists detained in the prison of QSD militia in Qamishli to its base in Al-Shadadi, a town in Northeastern Syria. According to SANA, the shifting of IS fighters to American military base is a part of broader policy of the United States through which CIA experts exploit the organization’s terrorists through subversive techniques and use of religious/ ethnic or personality traits for achieving US’s schemes in the region by utilizing these defected terrorists. The news agency further said that most of the terrorists who were transferred to Al-Shadadi are Iraqi nationals, Saudis, and Tunisian origin. According to reports, previously a group of IS fighters were taken away by the US military from Es-Sanaviya prison to Al-Shadadi during the recent past, whereas 70 others IS terrorists were transferred from the Gouveyran prison to the pro-Western coalition base in Al Tanf, Syria. The Kurd separatist militia SDF controls the northeastern part of Syria and curtailed most of the baggage of US and Western forces in the area. According to reports, US Army has formed a militant group “Jaysh-Al-Ashair” comprising turned Daesh terrorists and mercenaries for fighting a proxy war in Northeastern Syria.

In fact, human and political rights groups, ethnic and religious organizations, terrorist outfits, extremist elements and greedy minds have always remained highly lucrative stuff for the big powers to deal with their friends and foes. All these forces of so-called good need financial, material, and political support to fulfil their agendas. The great power Intelligence apparatuses engage the terrorist and separatist groups and fulfills their needs for subsequent utilization for their objective in the country/region. Apparently, any terrorist organization cannot survive in this world without support from any country. The great powers like the United States support Political or armed groups in a particular region in the name of struggle for basic rights and term similar other groups as terrorist or extremist because of political or monetary interests in the country/region. Besides engaging different advocacy groups and terrorist entities, the Intelligence agencies usually recruit/ subvert the members of terrorist organizations captured by them through brainwashing or exploitation of their personal weaknesses and use those turned terrorists for their own purposes.

The CIA has specialties of subverting minds, buying loyalties, and creating proxies in various regions of the world. CIA’s experts briefly study the behavior of their detainees during prison and lure them in their trap by using their personality traits, weaknesses or otherwise. Presently, brainwashing has become a science and world intelligence agencies and terrorist groups have expert hands to deal with the people’s minds. As long as the rivalries continue in the world, subversion can’t be halted and successors of Al-Baghdadi will be appearing in different parts of the world.

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