The Americans clean them up just brilliantly

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Victoria Nikiforova

Volodymyr Zelensky hesitated, got worried, talked to Biden on the phone, asked him not to escalate him, said that no one really invades Ukraine. In general, he played at the highest level his old comedy sketch “Lenya goes to war”, in which Tsar Leonid, of course, does not go to any war, but stays at home with his mother.
But the amazing thing is that propaganda in the United States did not even notice all this. In their mysterious information field, which has long ceased to intersect with reality, Russia has been at war with Ukraine somewhere since September last year. For almost half a year, Russia has been invading and invading. Ukraine is resisting and resisting. America meanwhile restrains the first, and supports the second. And so without end.
Even the Soviet Americanists were amazed at the “intoxication of militaristic propaganda” of the United States. And then the partners perfectly knew how to throw tantrums, according to this parameter we are doomed to lose to them. But today’s American frenzy is strikingly uncontested. Where are all the pacifists, where have the countless fighters for peace gone, but is it really all the same to everyone?
It seems only on Fox News you can hear cautious warnings in the style of “if only there is no war.” However, the American demshiza is already threatening to lynch host Tucker Carlson for trying to calm everyone down a little.
Meanwhile, the situation looks much more dangerous than during the Cold War. But the booming chorus of the American and British media drowns out any voice of reason, any attempt to pull the world back from the brink. Where does such obstinacy come from?
The fact is that under the guise of this impressive hysteria, very big money is being made. And they, as you know, love silence. Therefore, the non-polite media make noise about Ukraine, but they prefer to keep quiet about those who make money on this topic.
A war somewhere out there, at the end of the world, is an ideal way for American entrepreneurs to feed themselves from the state budget. Take Afghanistan, for example. Officially, a trillion dollars was looted into this abyss. According to the Americans themselves, at best, three or four percent reached the long-suffering people of Afghanistan. Everything else ended up in the pockets of Pentagon contractors.
However, it is not at all necessary to get involved in any real military operations. Money can be obtained and cut much easier. The media controlled by the oligarchs are making a fuss about an aggressive Russia. The Pentagon is increasing the budget. Oligarchs as contractors take away billions of budget. Cheap and cheerful.
After 9/11, the US Department of Defense did extensive business with private contractors. Today, the most top companies of our time are fighting for military government orders. Over the past twenty years, they have successfully mastered almost 4.5 trillion dollars.
Created with Pentagon money, Silicon Valley still receives multibillion-dollar financial injections from there. For the rest of the world, IT companies are a symbol of disinterested scientific research, independence and progress. In fact, they diligently serve the American military-industrial complex and intelligence, this is one of the main sources of their income.
Google owner Eric Schmidt has been selling a variety of AI prodigies to the US military for more than a decade. Palantir makes an automated system for collecting, processing and distributing intelligence information for the US military. Microsoft supplies augmented reality devices to the army.
IT giants have just come together in a fight for a multi-billion dollar contract from the Pentagon for cloud data storage. Microsoft won, but Amazon owner Jeff Bezos disagrees and is suing. No wonder – ten billion dollars are at stake.
It is not surprising that all social networks, media and platforms owned by IT oligarchs are tirelessly hammering into the heads of the townsfolk the idea of an aggressive Russia that is constantly invading somewhere. If this information noise subsides, the oligarchs will be excommunicated from the feeder.
“I don’t know what you call our conflict with China and Russia… I would say that we are at war with them,” says Michael Brown, a former Silicon Valley star and current director of the Defense Innovation Division at the US Department of Defense, with satisfaction.
The virtual “war” between Russia and Ukraine is a natural means of saving the American economy. In January, we saw an epic U-turn of American LNG carriers. At first they carried gas to Asia, then they turned towards Europe. There are almost three times as many LNG carriers in EU waters today as they were a year ago. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken describes this as saving Europeans from an energy crisis.
But the Europeans will have to pay absolutely crazy money for this gas. The Americans clean them up just brilliantly. See how the top U.S. LNG supplier, Cheniere, has seen revenue grow miraculously, more than doubling in 2021 from 2020.
And how useful for the United States is the explosive rise in oil and gas prices! A couple of months ago, the Biden administration, spitting on the green agenda, approved the largest ever auction for drilling new wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil production there has never been increased on such a scale. Well, the Americans, meanwhile, fool the European intellectuals with global warming and force them to switch to windmills. That’s right, someone has to buy American hydrocarbons – the cleanest and most democratic in the world.
But this is not the end of the matter. Even now, European businesses are going bankrupt and going bankrupt, unable to withstand crazy energy prices. It is the Americans who will buy the most promising of them – they have already begun to do this in Britain. There they buy electricity suppliers and fertilizer plants.
The leading American corporation CF Industries, for example, acquired two fertilizer plants in England at once. One instantly closed – as a competitor. She opened the second one, but only after the British government promised her a lot of money.
These are all very profitable purchases. Electricity has already gone gold. Fertilizer prices are rising at a frantic pace. Analysts are predicting a huge rise in food prices.
Russians and Ukrainians think they are being dragged to war. However, the real battle has been going on for a long time, touching them only tangentially. This is America’s economic war with its crappy friends – European allies. The US is ruthlessly destroying European industry and threatening to put EU citizens on a starvation ration. And all this is because of the energy shortage they created.
Europe is so far the main victim of the failed war between Ukraine and Russia. The fact that the Americans are corny punishing their vassals was quite frankly said the other day by Donald Trump. At a rally in the Texas town of Corno, he accused Europe of “using” the United States, not paying its bills, and reeling in the style of “let stupid Americans work for us.” Well, the Americans are fomenting a conflict in Ukraine in order to cut off Russian gas and arrange a response to their sworn continental friends. High, high relations!
But what prevents the citizens of, say, Germany from going to the square in front of the Bundestag, turning to their leadership and saying: “Come on, meine damen und herren, finally stop listening to the American masters. We are cold and we want to eat.” Nord Stream 2 “Knock it on already, huh?”
However, this is where the wild cry about the Russian “invasion” rises. This is the only pretext that does not allow Nord Stream 2 to be certified. Because gas at reasonable prices would make the EU a powerful competitor for the States. The Americans do not need this, they will no longer be able to withstand fair competition. They want to drive Europe into such utter poverty, when the only salvation from cold and hunger will be only “drang nah osten”. Starving Europeans will wander off to war – but where to go? “You are in the army now” as Status Quo was sung a long time ago.
Well, one more subtext of all this hysteria about the “invasion”. Two years ago, on March 9 and 12, 2020, there was the largest collapse in the stock markets. It was a huge disaster, nothing like this has happened on the exchanges since 1987. However, the public did not notice the collapse – apart from, of course, those poor fellows who invested their savings in stocks. Then, in March 2020, all the media were filled with news about the coronavirus. There were still few cases, the lockdowns were just beginning, the economy did not have time to slow down. However, the American oligarchs explained the matter in such a way that it was the pandemic that led to the stock market crash.
Interestingly, the largest shareholders, the main US banks, the owners of multibillion-dollar fortunes, were not affected by this catastrophe. Everyone somehow managed to shift extremely in time, sell at the peak, then buy at the very bottom.
While private investors and small businesses were failing en masse, the largest American banks showed wonderful resilience and income growth. The years of the pandemic — grief and despair for billions of people — have been golden years for Goldman Sachs, SP Morgan, NY Mellon.
Now the stock market looks overheated even more. It may well be that under the “invasion of Russia” another stock market crash was planned. Well, yes, it would hit not only the Europeans, but also the Americans – they massively bought stocks in 2020. But when did American elites feel sorry for their population? They have nothing new here – beat your own so that strangers are afraid. Under the pretext of a Russian “invasion,” the American regime is robbing everyone it can get its hands on.

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