‘The Art & Craft of Management’ launched

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Sirajuddin Aziz – banker and author, unveiled his eighth book – ‘The Art & Craft Of Mangement’ at a local hotel. This book is an anthology of more than 55 Essays written by Sirajuddin Aziz, who regularly writes insightful articles in major dailies and magazines of the country. His previously published books include; a compilation of English and Urdu poetry and a biography of his father.

Addressing the book-launch ceremony, Mr. Aziz thanked the participants and stated that; “This book would help professionals in general and the students of management sciences in particular, to learn and understand about management related arts and skills. As 65% of Pakistan’s population consists of youth, we are not practically taking advantage of this potential. We must train them professionally, to become productive contributors to the economy.”

The ceremony was chaired by Yaseen Anwar – Former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan – Yaseen Anwar, Former Senator – Javed Jabbar, Chairman Pathfinder Group – Ikram Sehgal and Professor of Social sciences – Nadya Chishti Mujahid.

Yaseen Anwar stated that: “The book is a masterpiece highlighting strategic corporate practices.

There is a need for bringing new and unique ideas to excel in any field. If the youth wants do achieve greatness, they must deliver extra-ordinary work.

Javed Jabbar said; “The book contains very interesting writings that are characteristically elegant and straight forward. The 55 essays in the anthology, are not time-specific, they are value-specific. I feel that he should explore more of the eastern insights on the subject to highlight the suggestions and achievements of the eastern experts, who have succeeded in corporate life.”