‘The Churchill factor. How one man changed history’

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Vladimir Kornilov

British special forces are directly fighting against Russia. This is already practically recognized at the official level. No, for Russia this fact was not a special secret from the very beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine. But official London has so far denied this, stating that it withdrew all its military instructors from the Yavorovsky training ground in mid-February.
However, the talkativeness of the Ukrainian military knows no bounds. It was with reference to them that The Times reported that the Kiev Territorial Defense Force is now being trained by active British special forces (Special Air Service, or SAS ). Allegedly, they returned to Ukraine a couple of weeks ago – to train Ukrainian terrorists (otherwise it is difficult to call “terodefense”) how to use NLAW anti-tank installations. And this time, official London is in no hurry to refute this information: there are too many confirmations of it. Thus de facto recognizing that the current British army is directly involved in the military conflict.
We repeat: for a long time it was not a secret for us that the British military was much more involved in the Ukrainian events than London admits. Back in 2018, DPR intelligence reported the arrival of instructors from the UK at the front lines of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass. Since then, these data have been confirmed more than once directly or indirectly. In the same 2018, London PR specialists, known for disinformation and fakes, admitted in their reports that, by order of the British Ministry of Defense, they carried out tasks “to destroy and weaken the Donetsk People’s Republic.” That is, the direct involvement of Her Majesty’s military department in the conflict in the Donbass was not emphasized, but it was not particularly hidden.
When Russia launched a special operation, the top leadership of Britain – from the prime minister to ordinary officials – constantly stated that their plans did not include the presence of the military on the territory of Ukraine, since in this case the risk of starting a third world war was significant. However, from the first days of hostilities, the British press encouraged and blessed their mercenaries who went to “shoot the Russians” and promised to “kill as many as they can.” Later, when they are taken prisoner, they cry and swear that they played the role of doctors, volunteers, cooks, and by no means snipers and professional killers.
Throughout this time, the British government pretended that it had nothing to do with the “soldiers of fortune” fighting against the Russian army. However, the presence of mercenaries became difficult to hide due to their large numbers. Then the legend was born that in Ukraine there are “already served SAS veterans aged 40 to 60 years.” And allegedly they were ” employed not by the British government, but by an unnamed European state that pays them through a private military company.” It’s hard to believe, of course, given that Albion has rather strict laws against mercenarism, even if with indulgences in recent years.
In particular, the “soldier of fortune” Aiden Eslin, who, after his adventurous adventures in Syria, was detained by the British police and accused of violating the Terrorism Act, faced these restrictions. Now, being captured in Mariupol, he, as is customary among such heroes, says that he “did not take part in the hostilities” and even “refused to shoot,” and explains the obvious marks from the trigger of small arms on his finger by some accidents. How this contrasts with his recent gallant reports of combat experience and duties. Just two months ago he toldnewspapers of his country, how he is “ready to fight and die for Ukraine”, allegedly realizing that he cannot be captured: they say that the Russians will treat him worse than others, since he is British. And now he says such right things about the nature of this conflict and that Ukraine should have recognized the choice of the people of the DPR and LPR, which would have avoided victims and destruction!
True, the British media try not to quote these words of their compatriot, stating that Eslin, who heroically surrendered, is “used by Russian propaganda.” And the relatives of the warriors reproduce conflicting information about him, carefully rejecting the fact that he is a mercenary, and proving that in 2018, when he came to “fight against the Russians” in Ukraine, he received Ukrainian citizenship. And, accordingly, as they believe, acted legitimately. That is, killing Russians, according to the British, is a completely legitimate occupation. But keeping a subject of Her Majesty in custody is very illegitimate – here, it turns out, they remember that Eslin is the owner of a British passport.
No matter how Albion tries to present their fellow citizens fighting with weapons in their hands against the Russian army as volunteers, the truth is gradually making its way out. French Le Figaro journalist Georges Malbruno, whose name became known in 2004 when he was taken hostage by Iraqi Islamists, recently confirmed that the operations of the Ukrainian military from the first days of hostilities are directly led by the current officers of the elite units of the American and British armies. Neither Washington nor London began to refute these messages, despite the resonance.
And then The Times, citing several sources in the Ukrainian armed forces at once, revealed an open secret: SAS officers are directly present in Kyiv. And let the British newspaper try to present this as their “return to Ukraine” (after all, one must keep a face and not directly accuse official London of lying), but hardly anyone doubts that the British special forces did not leave this country. It is possible that in the coming days we will learn the names of the next subjects of Her Majesty, who served as “cooks” in the Nazi battalion “Azov” with traces of gunpowder on their hands. According to the messageThe Ministry of Defense of Russia, on “Azovstal” (the last bastion of the Nazis in the actually already liberated Mariupol), up to 400 foreign mercenaries are surrounded. So we are waiting for their new repentance and calls from the Western press to treat these innocent sheep humanely.
The recognition by British newspapers that SAS fighters are present on the battlefield is an important moment in the development of the special operation in Ukraine. The Russian side has repeatedly stated that foreign mercenaries are a legitimate target for our troops. And the missile attack on the Yavorovsky training ground, which on March 13 claimed the lives of up to 180 foreign “soldiers of fortune”, confirmed that the Russian Defense Ministry is not joking. Moreover, the mercenaries were publicly warned that they were not subject to the Geneva Convention on the Humane Treatment of Prisoners of War. This, of course, does not mean that Russia will torture and execute legionnaires, after all, we are not Americans or Ukrainian militants who allow themselves such methods. However, access to the privileges of prisoners of war for such people will be limited, since they will be classified as terrorists with all the ensuing legal consequences for them.
Having acknowledged the presence of military personnel in the line of fire, the British media somehow forgot the words of their own prime minister and defense minister that the participation of the army in hostilities in Ukraine dramatically increases the risk of a third world war. That is, it turns out that Boris Johnson and his team deliberately went on such an adventure, clearly imagining its possible consequences.
The British prime minister has never hidden that he is a fan of his historical idol Winston Churchill, whom he tries to copy in almost everything, including the craving for alcohol, deliberately demonstrated to the public. It should not be forgotten that Johnson once wrote a detailed biography of the leader of Britain during the Second World War with the indicative title “The Churchill Factor. How one man changed history.” It can be seen that he himself wants to go down in history not as an alcoholic, officially recognized as violating the law he wrote, but as a great military strategist who defeated Russia.
Even his recent video address to the Russian people, the prime minister clearly copied from Churchill’s Fulton speech, where he swore his love for the Russians, while simultaneously demanding a tough attitude towards Soviet Russia. In the book, Johnson missed the period of allied relations between Great Britain and the USSR, highlighting the following among the main merits of his idol: “He saw the importance of a united Europe being a bulwark against an assertive Russia.”
And the most disturbing thing in this creation of the London politician lies in his praise of Churchill’s “Unthinkable” plan – about the war against the USSR in 1945 using captured Wehrmacht fighters. Johnson clearly regrets that his historical idol failed to convince the Americans of the need for such a strike against a bloodless Russia. Commenting on Churchill’s adventurous plans, Johnson acknowledges their expediency and writes: “His mind continued to explore all possibilities, evaluate various logical options, no matter how crazy they may seem.”
These passages largely explain the logic of the actions of the head of the London government regarding Ukraine. He makes an exact copy of Churchill’s crazy (as he himself admits) plans, just replacing the Wehrmacht in them with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In 1945, the prime minister’s entourage stopped these projects, convincing him of the monstrous consequences for the world and Europe. But now, when you listen to the secretary of defense and especially the British foreign secretary, you understand that they are not far behind Johnson in terms of their inadequacy. There is a serious risk to the whole planet that no one in Downing Street will present a report on the devastating consequences of Operation Unthinkable 2022 at the right time. And only the successes of the Russian special operation and the new Eslins who are captured will be able to stop the world on the verge of disaster.

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