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The City School (TCS) PAF Chapter Karachi organised TEDxYouth@TCSPAF

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Karachi: The City School (TCS) PAF Chapter Karachi organised TEDxYouth@TCSPAF under their global TEDx license on 23rd November. The theme selected for this year’s conference was ‘Catalyst for Change’ which allowed all our speakers to share the multitude of experiences and struggles that they endured but kept going to ensure that they become the change-makers that society needs.
Along with developing organisational and leadership skills in the students, TCS believes in providing platforms to its students where they can publicly voice their opinion. Not just that, but we aim to host this event annually to expose our students to the struggles and success stories of renowned figures so that they remain motivated and encouraged as they pursue their dreams.
This year, TCS PAF Chapter managed to create a solid blend of speakers targeting personalities from a variety of industries and
We were pleased to have onboard Sarwat Gilani- a renowned actress, Kazim Saeed- an economist and author, Moiz Shaukat- a disabled author and humanitarian, Muhammad Zeeshan- an internationally acclaimed artist, Sabina Khatri- founder of Kiran Foundation, Uzma Fatima- life coach, Riffa Asim- a student of TCS PAF Chapter, and Ghazi Taimoor- an educationist heading LUMS School of Education.
Mr. Jehangir Firoz, CEO of City School Holdings International & member of the Board of Directors of The City School Group, has expressed immense contentment at The City School’s initiative of arranging TEDx events. He believes that events such as these will allow our students to not just polish their organisational skills, but will help them in becoming the future leaders of tomorrow by setting their aspirations right.

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