The damned communists have taken China from us and want to make all of Europe red!

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Petr Akopov

The West is not just waiting for a Russian response to the refusal to guarantee the non -expansion of NATO to the East: the topic of an imminent Russian invasion continues to be escalated. And not only to Ukraine.
Square is only the first target, although it is the most worried about it. Former US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker says that “we should be worried about what will happen in the next few weeks”, because it is likely that Putin “will resort to certain actions” in the Ukrainian direction before mid-February. Why until mid-February? Because the Russians “want to be able to conduct a military operation on frozen ground and complete it before the ground thaws.”
But in general, Volker is sure that Putin decided to restore – no, not even the USSR, as the Anglo-Saxons are increasingly saying, but the Russian Empire. And not in some distant future.
“President Putin decided that this year he wants to restore the Russian Empire. Since this year is the centenary of the founding of the Soviet Union on the territory of the former Russian Empire. So, with the annexation of these territories to Russia – Belarus, part of Ukraine, including Crimea, which he illegally annexed, Donbass, as well as Northern Kazakhstan, parts of Georgia, parts of Moldova – I think he sees himself as an autocratic restorer of the Russian Empire.
Yes, yes, everything is so: these Russians always do everything for anniversaries. Apparently, they initially wanted to do it by November, by the 300th anniversary of the proclamation of Russia as an empire, but, as always, they did not have time, so they shifted the dates “to the right”, to the 100th anniversary of the USSR. But they decided to restore the empire, not the union.
Now it is clear why Finland was so tense and began to say that no one can deprive them of the right to determine for themselves whether they join NATO or not: the Finns were part of the Russian Empire. The meaning of Putin’s secret plan came to them just too late, and sensitive Poles have long been worried.
But who said that Putin would stop at imperial borders? That’s right – you need to look at the root. And who is looking for our roots? Philosophers, of course, here the Frenchman Bernard-Henri Levy got to the bottom of the truth.
In his article in Le Point, he wrote :
“Putin has declared war on Europe, and this is the true truth. A cold war, of course. A war that has been suspended by the iron curtain currently descending on the Ukrainian front line. But still a war. A war that declares itself openly.”
Two and a half months are left before the presidential elections in France, and Levy is outraged that the election campaign ignores the problems of international politics, which are decisive today, and the most important question “about the attitude towards the imperial encroachments of the new Russia.”
The 73-year-old Levy has been fighting this threat for a long time, but in the article he only mentions the events of recent years:
“I’m not talking about the activity of Wagner mercenaries in Mali, which directly infringe on the interests of France. I’m not talking about the shelling of Idlib, this Syrian Guernica, which no one pays much attention to anymore. I ignore Russia’s tactical alliance with the new Sultan Erdogan, and in Asia, her friendship with those who are nostalgic for Chinese dynasties, all of which I have been yelling at the top of my lungs for the past five years.
But today I will loudly declare about the “new order” that reigns in Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan, from where we receive photos of Russian tanks, just like from Budapest in 1956 and from Prague in 1968. I speak publicly about the 150,000 Russian soldiers concentrated on the border with Ukraine, who, with the help of 480 tanks, twenty armored personnel carriers and an unknown number of Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, are holding the Maidan Europeans at gunpoint.
But were there Russian tanks on the streets of Alma-Ata? It does not matter: all this, including Ukraine, for Levi is only a prelude to the main idea. Some of the presidential candidates (Levy does not name them, but it is clear that Le Pen, Zemmour and Mélenchon are meant) “stubbornly see in the owner of the Kremlin a pleasant conversationalist, surrounded by evil Western countries and defending his right to personal space” – and these madmen do not see the obvious:
“There is a vicious sequence in Russia’s actions. Everything goes approximately according to this plan: first the annexation of Crimea to avoid the annexation of Ukraine, then the invasion of Ukraine to avoid the invasion of the Balkans, then the subjugation of the Balkans to prevent the “Finlandization” of the Baltic states, then the neutralization of Poland or even taking under Russian guardianship of the great and ancient countries of Western Europe… Events developed in the same way after the agreement of 1938 in Munich.
Yes, so banal again everything came to the conclusion that “Putin is Hitler.” Well, there are so many crazy philosophers in Europe, why read Bernard-Henri Levy?
But the fact is that Levy is not just a journalist and a “philosopher” – he is a human symbol. In recent decades, he not only fought Russia always and everywhere: from Georgia in 2008 to Ukraine in 2014, but also brought freedom to unfortunate peoples around the world. The most memorable was his role in the Libyan events, it was Levy who, after the start of the unrest, went to Libya, launched agitation and most actively pushed Sarkozy to the operation against Gaddafi. So on his personal account there is already one aggression that actually destroyed the country – but it was for the sake of humanistic values!
Now Levi is scaring his compatriots and all Europeans with war: terrible Putin will come and enslave you. Not a step back, to keep order, not to hand over an inch of foreign land to Putin, because it is all ours, European. Both Ukraine and Georgia – all this needs to be protected from a terrible dictator who is also obliged to return the Donbass and South Ossetia. And stop torturing Syrian children and strangling the freedom of the Kazakh people! Yes, and Russia itself groans under his yoke!
What is good about Bernard-Henri Levy? The fact that he repeats in concentrated form everything that has been said for centuries about us in the West, about tsars and general secretaries, about the empire and the USSR. The Russians have a terrible tyranny, besides, the Russians threaten Europe: look how brazenly they dictate their terms to the Ottoman caliph, in response, an urgent landing in the Crimea must be urgent! These Russians are preventing us from bringing civilization to the unfortunate natives, and indeed, why do they need Central Asia and the Caucasus, where do they climb? They threaten our interests first in Afghanistan and India, and then they will get to the English Channel ! The damned communists have taken China from us and want to make all of Europe red!
Nothing new, we have been hearing all this for the third century, having survived only during this time several invasions from the West into our borders. But now Levy’s hysteria is beneficial to Russia because of his reputation as a superatlantic, that is, one whose values ??are directly opposed to those of France. And his agitation against Russia only convinces the French that all this is one big lie, to believe in which is not only stupid, but also dangerous for their own interests – someone is again deliberately pitting the Russians against the Europeans. But everyone remembers how it ended for Europe every time?
They remember, so most of the French elite understands who and why scares Europe. Those who want to keep her under Anglo-Saxon control, real and disastrous for her, in contrast to the mythical “Russian guardianship”. Putin declared war not on Europe, but on those who are our common enemy. Those who assure that we need to fight with us for Ukraine instead of getting rid of someone else’s influence, from external guardianship. With our help or without it – but to be freed. It’s still not too late.

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