The demise of sportsmanship

The demise of sportsmanship

Rayyan Baig

Since the evolution of mankind, the man has been devising various activities to keep himself physically and mentally fit and at the same time keep him happy. This led to the invention of various games; with the passage of time a few disappeared being unpopular and others got universal popularity. As the humanity progressed the individual sports activities attracted groups and then countries and regions. A few sports remained famous in limited regions and others got universal acceptance/ liking.

The first organized group sports activity dates back to ancient times when sports and religious festivals were arranged at Olympia, Greek. In modern times, the Olympic Games began in Paris in 1894 and later got universal popularity. The aim of Olympic Games was to unite people from all over the world and to promote peace between nations. With the passage of time besides Olympic Games, which are held every 4 years, various games were organized within states and between states to promote peace and friendship between people of the states and the regions. These games have always yielded results in uniting people and improving people to people relations and between states.

Like football in Europe, the Cricket in Subcontinent is quite famous and played even in villages and streets. The cricket matches between India and Pakistan get more viewership than any other game and attract people from every walk of life. The people from both the countries love to see Pakistan and India playing on their home grounds. Unfortunately, for quite some time the Indian Government has polluted the sports with her dirty politics.

Since long she has declined to play cricket in Pakistan or let it play inside India. India has ignored the hand of friendship extended by successive Pakistani governments and crossed all the limits of her enmity, especially after the extremist Modi came into power. Earlier Indian government stopped Pakistani players from playing in IPL. In 2018 Indian High Commission, on the behest of Indian Government, refused to grant visas to Pakistani officials and players to participate in the World Junior Squash Championship in Chennai. Indian Government also denied visas to 5 Pakistani players and a Pakistan born Qatari player to participate in “Asian Tour 10 Red Snooker Tournament”, which was scheduled to be held in Bengaluru in March. India refused visas to a three-member shooting Pakistani contingent for participating in the World Cup in Dehli, which prompted IOC to censure IOA, it was followed by UWW asking all affiliated wrestling federations to suspend all communication with WFI. Sportsmanship is known as an aspiration or ethos that demands fairness, ethics, respect and a sense of fellowship, which India lack altogether.

Even prior to the start of ongoing cricket matches, India/ BCCI tried her best to prevent Pakistan from playing World Cup but failed, rather was rebuffed by ICC. After this failure India continued with her mischief and intentionally lost her match to England in an endeavor to stop Pakistan reaching semifinals. The Indian cricket team has few of the best players of the world, who otherwise had the potential to win World Cup. The extremist Indian Government politicized the biggest cricket event of the world and embarrassed her team.

The shameful manner in which Indian team played against England shocked cricket lovers. The Indian team was criticized by the former cricketers from South Africa, Pakistan, England and Australia. Pakistani cricket team didn’t perform well in the World Cup and was unlikely to do wonders. However, India through her mischief succeeded in achieving her goal of keeping Pakistan out of Semifinals by losing cheaply to England. She may win the World Cup as well, but would never be able to wash the stigma she earned in her match against England. The game between India and England was one of the poorest examples of sportsmanship and would be remembered as a black day in cricket world cup history. The game of Cricket used to be known as the “Gentleman’s Game”, India has denigrated the very name of this game.

The Indian players are embarrassed by their extremist Government through different ways, they are forced to wear sports gears representing their Armed forces. In the midst of the World Cup they were compelled to wear Saffron color uniform, a symbol of RSS, which was even criticized by certain Indian politicians. The sports activities need to be kept clear of any politics, any country trying to use it for her political objectives and pollute the atmosphere needs to be penalized and banned to participate in the sports events.

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