The embassy that does not exist

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Igor Ivanovsky
The West has long been convinced that the war in Ukraine, if it has not already begun, will start any minute. The Americans gave the command to evacuate the families of representatives of their embassy. The queue for the ambassadors themselves is about to reach. The echo of the undeclared war even reached Luxembourg and turned into embarrassment.
The global problems of world politics have affected small Luxembourg. The jo-urnalists asked Jean Assel-born, the Foreign Minister of this state, the most ur-gent, important and significant question of our time. Namely: is he going to evacuate representatives of the embassy from Ukraine? As a result, it turned out th-at no, it is not going to. B-ecause, firstly, Luxembourg is for world peace, and secondly, there is no such embassy in Ukraine. The order of answers, however, was different, but it does not matter.
The absurdity of the situation very accurately conveys what is happening now in the West. According to foreign media, Russia is about to begin an invasion of Nezalezhnaya, the troops are already in full combat readiness, and today or tomorrow the order to attack will be given. Moreover, this “just about” has been going on for two months, and Russia still does not come to the war. Only the State Department is not appeased: so the order gave the families of employees of the Ukrainian embassy to urgently evacuate the country.
And why is the United States suddenly so worried right now? Is it because some time ago Joe Biden instructed his White House colleagues to prevent a Russian “invasion” and said that there was a “window of four weeks” for this. Apparently, nothing could be prevented. No matter how much the Western partners have expressed concern, no matter how much they have called for the withdrawal of troops “to the barracks,” Russia keeps saying that it has the right to dispose of its own army on its territory as it sees fit. So, the four weeks that Biden gave to his subordinates expired exactly a week ago. That is, in the m-inds of American officials, in all likelihood, a war has been going on for a week: of course, the embassy must be evacuated!
But in Europe, everythi-ng is not so simple, apparently there are still people there who still have common sense.
The head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry admitted that there are plans to evacuate the embassy, but it is still premature to implement them. We, they say, will look at the situation, observe, and then we will decide whether we should take such a step or not.
German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock (in the past one of the most zealous opponents of Nord Stream 2, but this is in the past) also turned out to be restrained in her statements. She said that the work of the embassy is maintained, but the safety of employees is a priority.
And even the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who is very difficult to suspect of love for Russia, said that the European Union is not going to evacuate its diplomats, because the situation in Ukraine is calm.
As for the head of the Luxembourg Foreign Min-istry, Jean Asselbron, des-pite the silly question of a journalist about the evacuation of a non-existent emb-assy, he said everything c-orrectly: “I think that one should not follow the logic of war. We must do everything possible – and for this there are foreign ministers – to avoid war. This is the task of the foreign ministers, like the task of, for ex-ample, a doctor to do everything possible to avoid the death of a patient.”
Of course, one would like to think that the words of the Foreign Minister of one of the smallest states will be heard in the star-striped Foreign Ministry of one of the largest countries.

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