The energy crisis in full swing

Valery Mikhailov

As part of the aggravation of the situation around Ukraine by Washington and London, as well as the world media controlled by them, the official Kiev is behaving most inconsistently. Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities in recent months regularly make mutually exclusive statements and make chaotic decisions. From allegations that Kiev sees no Russian intentions to invade, to ranting about specific dates for an invasion or the distribution of weapons to the so-called territorial defense forces.
The last few days have been no exception. After the meeting of the National Security and Defense Co-uncil (NSDC), Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov, President Zelensky and Prime Minister Shmyhal announced that there was not the slightest reason for panic, an attack was not expected, and Ukraine its-elf generally takes the position of “peace to the wo-rld”. Later, Defense Minist-er Reznikov said the same.
But just a few hours earlier, during a meeting with members of the Foreign Intelligence Service on the occasion of the Day of Foreign Intelligence Worker, Zelensky delivered a very belligerent statement: “Ukrainian intelligence has always played an important role in countering external threats. It is time not only to effectively deter, but also to launch offensive actions to defend national interests of Ukraine”. It can also be interpreted as a call to carry out aggressive (for example, terrorist) actions on the territory of the enemy, to which Ukraine directly, including at the legislative level, has determined exclusively Russia. And the commander of the Ukrainian Joint Forces in Donbass, Lieutenant General Pavlyuk, on the same day, not only called February 20 the date of the planned invasion, but also promised”tear the Russians with their bare hands.”
Of course, due to the massive propaganda attack of the Anglo-Saxons and indistinct signals from their own government, Ukrain-ian society is increasingly plunging into a state of mass psychosis, and the collapse of the economy is only accelerating.
Interestingly, official Kiev has been stubbornly stating for several months now that it is the Kremlin that is conducting a disinformation campaign about the attack, and accordingly, the “aggressor country” is inciting panic in Ukraine. These statements were made against the backdrop of endless publications in the media controlled by Washington and London, which have been flowing in a continuous stream since the end of October, and equally endless statements by representatives of the authorities of the United States, Great Britain and their satellites. They continue to be made against the background of the partial evacuation of embassy staff and members of the families of diplomats announced this week by the United States, Great Britain and Australia and Japan that joined them.. At the same time, the Russian side denied the intention to attack all this time, and the Russian media did not take seriously the hysteria fanned on this occasion, and still do not take it, discussing perhaps the topic of possible provocations from the Ukrainian side.
But against the backdrop of statements by some representatives of Kiev that there are no prospects for war (Reznikov even said that Russia has not created a single strike group), the Ukrainian authorities are defiantly taking measures aimed at intensifying the escalation. Troops are being pulled to the line of contact, weapons and ammunition are being brought up. An attempt to recruit women en masse into military service was of the same category, but it seems to have failed. After a purely negative reaction of society to the decision to put them on military records, Zelensky turned back and instructed to reconsider the decision. But from the creation of the so-called territorial defense forcesand the distribution of weapons to them in the regions bordering Russia, Kiev did not refuse. Moreover, this decision itself is also ambiguously perceived by society – especially by that part of it that has something to lose.
The fact is that outright rabble is recruited into the territorial defense forces, including former criminals (hello 2014). It is possible that this rabble can somehow be used in provocations against Russia. But it is even more likely that he will turn into what he should: into armed gangs that will rob wealthy compatriots. And in the event that Ukraine transitions to a state of even greater uncontrollability, they can form the backbone of “peaceful protesters”: like those who frolicked in Alma-Ata.
Yes, on January 25, the Ukrainian government de-cided to withdraw from the Verkhovna Rada the cannibalistic bill on the so-called transitional period, introduced back in the summer. It was about the “beautiful Ukraine of the future”, wh-ich will control the Crimea and the entire Donbass, on a grand scale to impress the local population in their rights and brainwash them, and build up the territories with countless monuments and memorials in honor of the “victory” over Russia. But the current withdrawal of the bill should not be perceived as a sobering up of the Ukrainian authorities or a gesture of goodwill on their part. This step was one of the conditions for Russia to organize a meeting at the level of advisers to the leaders of the Normandy Four countries, which will be held today in Paris. And since such events are a certain fetish for Kiev, and besides, Germany and France also opposed the bill, this was a completely acceptable concession on the part of Zelensky and the head of his office, Yermak. Which will not affect the de-escalation, let alone the implementation of the Minsk agreements.
In this whole situation, t-he psychosis into which U-krainian society is increasingly sinking is playing into the hands of the Kiev au-thorities. It pushes into the background numerous economic problems. And he al-lows Shmyhal to make a-mazing statements: for exa-mple, that the hryvnia ex-change rate is falling as part of economic stability. But in fact, the commercial borrowing market for Ukraine is closed today. Not only financial speculators are fleeing the country, but also their own businesses, whi-ch are more concerned ab-out taking their families to the West, stop investing an-ything. The energy crisis is also in full swing – on Jan-uary 25, Kiev again turned to Minskfor emergency supplies of electricity due to an emergency shutdown of two NPP units at once. And all these problems are sucking Ukraine into a funnel. And how the Ukrainian authorities are going to get out of it is absolutely inc-omprehensible. The main t-hing is not through a serio-us escalation in the Donb-ass, which will play into the hands of certain forces in the West, but can have the most serious consequences for Ukraine.