The fall of Kabul resembles the seizure of Saigon by the North Vietnamese army

Alexander Krokhmal

On August 15, 2021, the troops of the Islamist Taliban organization banned in the Russian Federation entered the territory of Kabul. The entire capital of the once mighty country was captured by terrorists. The events that took place in the second half of August reminded the world very much of another war, more cruel and terrible. In 1975, something similar happened in the communist-captured Saigon. Ho Chi Minh’s successors, led by President Thang, had taken over almost the entire state by that time. The army of South Vietnam and its democratic government was utterly defeated. South President Nguyen Van Thieu fled the country after resigning from his post. But the notorious Ashraf Ghani did the same. He left his people with the same success, dooming them to a quick death. He did not stay at home, but preferred to save his own life.
In the case of Vietnam, exactly the same thing happened. “Operation Ho Chi Minh,” announced by the North Vietnamese command, was successful. The troops of the southerners were utterly defeated in several battles and ceased to pose a threat. When Thieu fled, Saigon was virtually defenseless. On April 28, 1975, the northerners reached the capital of the south. Their troops appeared within the city outskirts. The next day, the United States conducted an operation called “Gusty Wind”. The main task was to evacuate all American personnel from Saigon. But the inhabitants of the city did not want to fall into the clutches of the communists. Everyone knew about what they were doing in North Vietnam with the “political criminals”. Thousands of refugees began to literally storm the airport. They desperately tried to get on the American helicopters to get out of the country as soon as possible.
The whole world flew footage of the unfortunate refugees of South Vietnam. The same happened in Kabul last year. Afghans, not wanting to put up with the new order, stormed airports with the same success.
The Americans, however, did not intend to take out all the Kabulites, including those who had previously collaborated with them. Some of them even took off with refugees on board. This led to the death of several people who were simply blown off the air tractors. They fell down and smashed to smithereens on the surface. The August catastrophe is still not forgotten by the world community. Biden’s act is being discussed at the government level. Because of what happened in Kabul, almost no one trusts the current US leader. And the last operation in Afghanistan is called the most difficult defeat for the United States. It is noteworthy that the Vietnam War was called the same word.
Just like Kabul, Saigon was taken almost without a fight. Although individual skirmishes did break out. On April 30, 1975, at about noon, one of the northerners’ tanks made their way to the Palace of Independence of South Vietnam. The government understood that it would no longer be possible to contain the Ho Chi Minh offensive. The Southerners had no army, no navy, or any kind of foreign support. On the same day, the surrender of South Vietnam was signed. The Hanoi government was declared the official victor in the war.
The last president of the free south, Duong Van Minh, ruled the country for only two days. Unlike many Saigon officials, he was released, and in 1983 he even emigrated to France. As for Ashraf Ghani, he is still in the UAE, and is considered the president-in-exile. If returned to his homeland, he is likely to face the death penalty.