The fight between US and Russian bluffs: Interesting and relevant topic

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Ramil Garifullin

Russia could be on the list of countries with the toughest export sanctions if it decides to invade Ukraine. Currently, this list includes Cuba, Syria, Iran and the DPRK.
Restrictions may be im-posed on goods manufactured in the United States and supplied to Russia, as well as some foreign-made goods created under the jurisdiction of the States. Among the goods considered for a ban on export are electronics, software and related technologies.
According to media rep-orts, the sanctions will not be imposed “from small to large”, instead, Washington intends to start immediately with tough measures and maintain them. According to US officials, these measures will have a serious impact on the Russian economy, including the financial sector and critical sectors for the Kremlin.
There are no specific decisions on this matter yet, but the information forwarding in the largest news agencies has already been made. So far, this is some kind of influence or an attempt to manipulate Russia in order to change its foreign policy behavior.
The question arises: is it possible to talk about a US bluff in connection with this above information forwarding? After all, a bluff is always some kind of behavior aimed at making the subject believe in the deception, that is, perceive the deception as the truth, believe in what in fact, it is not and cannot be.
In order to understand this, it is necessary to understand how Cuba, Syria, Iran and the DPRK, that is, the countries that have already been imposed by these embargoes, can be side by side with Russia. If there are many economic and political arguments that such a position is impossible, then all this is a bluff of the United States.
At the same time, it must be recognized that Russia has a key role in the world economy as an oil and gas raw material country. For example, the survival of Europe fundamentally depends on this factor, especially in winter, not to mention what a powerful indignation will occur in the stock market if such a massive embargo is introduced. And there are many such economic factors that prevent Russia from being side by side with Cuba, Syria, Iran and the DPRK. After all, Russia is a nuclear power. At the same time, history shows that the United States is a rational country, tied in various obligations and therefore a solid raw material embargo against Russia would be adventurous and utopian for the United States itself.Therefore, when they say that Russia makes up a very small part of the world economy then you need to remember that the world economy is a product of world politics, in which Russia plays a key role. This once again confirms that the position of Russia alongside the countries for which the embargo was imposed is far from correct.
Thus, this above US behavior is a bluff. And it is only a method of provocative loosening of the Russian economy. And we already went through this when oil prices were negative.
The topic of how Russia itself bluffs on the economic and political scene, drawing indicators for itself in the economy, defense, industry, science, education, etc. is a separate topic for my next publications.
Thus, the fight between the US and Russian bluffs is a separate, interesting and relevant topic.

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