The first KFC restaurant in Tajikistan appeared in Dushanbe

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DUSHANBE: On September 28, an event called Friends and Family day was held at the KFC restaurant, where a narrow circle of people was invited: these are the employees themselves, their relatives and friends. The event was organized to test the work of the restaurant team. As a result, everything went at the highest level, the guests were satisfied, and now the KFC fast food restaurant is ready for the technical opening.

The guests were offered the main menu items so that they get an idea of ​​what KFC is. The entrance was by invitation only, and guests were able to be the first to taste the famous chicken recipe. Everyone could express their opinion, express wishes or remarks from the administration of the institution. There were about 200 guests who were satisfied not only with the taste of KFC products, but also with the service.


 Speed ​​and quality

After the technical opening, the team will hone their work skills to automatism, preparing for a large flow of guests and the grand opening. By the way, all KFC dishes are prepared from whole chicken – everything is fresh and the best, prepared in a few minutes on the latest American equipment. All ingredients are imported and purchased from trusted suppliers. At KFC, the main thing is quality and compliance with high brand standards. This also applies to cooking chicken and menu dishes, and hospitality and service in the restaurant. The quality standards are very high and the team strives to meet them.


When will the official opening of KFC take place?

The technical opening took place today, but a large grand opening with a press conference and a party for guests is scheduled for a later date.

The technical discovery is carried out in order to improve the functioning of the kitchen and the staff and the team. When the Grand Opening (official opening) takes place, the leaders of the KFC team, the leaders of the international company Yum and Mazzai Nav, media representatives and other guests of honor will be invited to the event.


KFC in Dushanbe – the official KFC franchise

The KFC brand belongs to the international company Yum! Brands, Inc, and the company “Mazzai Nav” LLC is its official partner in Tajikistan. This is the first KFC establishment, and in the future they will open across the country. Both the fast food restaurant and the entire team went through a large number of quality checks to meet the high standards of a well-known brand before starting work. The restaurant has two halls for 300 seats, and the premises are decorated in the KFC corporate style.


Where do the chefs come from and where did they study?

All employees of the first KFC in Dushanbe are citizens of Tajikistan. Many of them were trained in branded fast food restaurants in Uzbekistan and trained the rest. Now KFC in Dushanbe has its own training system for team members: managers, coaches, cooks and others, various trainings are held for more productive and well-coordinated team work. A large team of professionals came from overseas to help with the opening and pass on their experience to the staff team.

Each employee knows how to quickly marinate, bread and cook meals using the latest equipment.


Sanitary standards are strictly observed – everyone is dressed in kitchen uniforms and disposable gloves. To service the flow of customers, three cash desks and three distribution zones have been installed, for the productive work of the institution. There will also be kiosks where you can place an order and when he is ready to pay by card. All meals are served in cardboard boxes so as not to pollute the environment.

Will KFC open in Khujand?

Tajikistan has great potential for the development of the KFC brand. And the company will definitely inform the residents of the country about new discoveries as they are implemented.

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