The flag is in your hands and the wind is in your sails

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Elena Karaeva

Although the hunt for voters in France officially starts only in March, unofficially the season is already open. And during the race everything is allowed. No exemption.
Do you want to announce that you intend to “dump the unvaccinated in shit”? You are welcome. Do you want to emphasize that you do not repent, having offended about seven million citizens at once (those who support you on their taxes)? The flag is in your hands and the wind is in your sails.
In France, the upcoming presidential election could be not only the most scandalous, in terms of the level of controversy (below the floor), but also the least legitimate, based on forecasts that predict a record number of those who will not turn out to the polls. And not so much because he fears a possible infection, but because the date of the second round – April 24 – coincides with the spring school holidays. Sociologists predict record percentages of those who will ignore the vote, simply because they do not want to choose the lesser of two evils.
Opinion polls, driven not so much by social mood swings as by the aspirations of those who ordered them, say the following: although the incumbent president can count on reaching the decisive ballot, the battle for the trust of voters, in addition to the loyal electorate, is all but lost: Macron’s approval rating has fallen last week by another four percentage points.
About 38 percent of respondents do not fully trust the current leader of the country, and slightly more than 60 percent do not trust partially.
Based on these figures, Macron and his headquarters are building their redoubts. Or rather, a redoubt. Macron, who has both the prerogative and the opportunity to overwhelm with promises of money those whom he needs to win over to his side, widely uses this right. Another thing is that even a very generous financial rain cannot wash away the facts.
And they are as follows: in the five years that Macron has been in the Elysee Palace, almost 18 thousand beds in hospitals were put under the knife by him and his government, of which half a thousand were in intensive care units. The figures are official, the Ministry of Health reported them, however, they sounded only once, and for some reason the press was not interested in them.
Meanwhile, it is curious not only that the government almost screamed about the lack of beds, but also that it itself reduced their number at that moment, most of all during the first waves of the pandemic: almost six thousand beds in hospitals in 2020 year. This is the highest figure compared to the pre-pandemic era.
Both in 2020 and 2021, in droves, they either closed permanently or worked only during the day for intensive care units in almost eight dozen large hospitals across the country. Did the right hand not know what the left was doing? If. Everyone knew, it’s another matter that not a single functionary in the government, not a single official in the office of the president objected to depriving millions of fellow citizens of access to medical care when they really needed it.
The authorities, unlike, for example, what actions were taken in Russia (creating additional beds in a number that is hard to imagine in Europe, hiring additional paramedical staff), even decided at first to do without involving those who worked and are working in the private sector healthcare.
Only under monstrous pressure, as a result, clinics (as in France it is customary to call private hospitals, in contrast to hospitals, which are always public) were allowed to use patients infected with coronavirus if these patients required hospitalization.
Instead of deploying covid hospitals in France, they preferred to “reprogram non-urgent surgical interventions” (a euphemism to avoid using the phrase “patient triage”), consistently locking the nation at home, depriving it of the opportunity to go anywhere except for groceries, and realizing that no economy can withstand this, introduce a “vaccine passport”. Which, as even doctors who are quite loyal to the authorities admit, will not affect the current wave of infections in any way: the vaccine practically does not protect against infection with “omicron”, but it, especially if all three injections are made, significantly reduces the population’s desire to comply with the rules of sanitary safety, for example, wash your hands regularly or change your mask as regularly.
And if this is quite openly discussed in the press, then, of course, it is allowed to talk about it, and the very fact of the low effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine produced by Pfizer / BionTech is well known in the highest echelons of French power.
The question – then why is this “vaccine passport” being introduced – needs commentary. The “vaccination passport” is being introduced by the authorities (it should come into effect next week) in order, firstly, to shift the attention of society from all other, very complex and difficult problems. Discussions about compulsory vaccination give (at least for now) the authorities the opportunity to occupy almost the entire media field, showing themselves from all sides, thus cutting off all possible candidates from the conversation. Second, the higher the infection rate and the greater the strain on the hospital system, the greater the threat of other restrictions and, in turn, the more confused and disoriented voters.
When randomly taken actions lead to mass hysteria, then Macron comes out all in white, stating that “those who have not been vaccinated are to blame for everything,” and it is them that he, as the leader of the country, cannot help but “dump in shit.” The electorate – the one that is vaccinated, confused and lost – reacts accordingly. It is worth noting that the current president of France allows such vulgar vocabulary only to those from whom, by definition, no answer will arrive.
Macron never used similar turns of speech to, for example, drug dealers who kept the population in ethnic ghettos in fear, nor did he resort to jargon of this level in relation to a hooligan who regularly and regularly organizes pogroms on the streets of French cities. Moreover, such phrases were not heard in the address of traffickers in live goods, smuggling hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to the territory of the European continent. Because with this part of the possible electorate, which is always protected by the progressive public from among the Brussels bureaucracy, it is more expensive to spoil relations, here you can rake in full, including lawsuits in various European courts. And Macron, especially during the six-month presidency of the EU, hardly needs additional problems.
Therefore, for the law-abiding French, the current, democratically elected authorities do not leave a very wide choice: either a “vaccine passport” or “falling out in shit” for its absence. Lies, misrepresentation, manipulation of the natural fear of getting infected and getting sick are optional.
This or almost this is the current agenda of the election campaign, which Emmanuel Macron intends to lead, who does not hide his desire to run for a second term. Less than 90 days before the election, the last thing on the mind of the French, when hundreds of thousands are infected daily, is who they intend to vote for in this situation. And that is why Macron today can do whatever he or his advisers think of with the nation.

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