The food wars have begun!

Ibrahim Karagül

China has bought almost half the world’s food reserves in the last 12 months. This will cause worldwide inflation, we well as famine in some countries. This report provides us with clear information on what we should prepare for in the 21st century.
Prices will rise globally, including in the U.S. and Europe; a significant portion of lower-income states will be doomed to famine. The fact that the U.S. and Europe are gravely concerned about inflation for the first time is an indication that this process has already started.
A horrific power struggle
The Covid-19 pandemic drove global production to a halt, cutting supply lines. The world stood still for two years. Surely this would lead to grave consequences. However, this is not what we are discussing here. It goes much beyond that.
Within the global economy, conflicts and battles arise more so than production and supply crises. This conflict will be prolonged through resources, markets, and trade corridors.
This new situation will be a geopolitical showdown, a horrific power battle sustained through the economy.
Reliable basins of solidarity
Great pressure will form over countries. No state will have the strength to resist on its own. They will be driven to seek asylum in regional solidarity basins. Every country will seek new and reliable refuges.
This is the reason underlying Europe’s withdrawal, the U.S.’s contraction, African countries’ search for new asylums, and rapid convergence with Turkey.
This is why Middle Eastern countries have suddenly shifted their axis and Russia took advantage of the opportunity and returned to its former imperial region.
Food wars: Both an internal and foreign threat
We now have a new sort of security threat that spells doom for countries experiencing production and resource issues. This will pose both an internal and external threat. As price hikes and food crises within lead to mass eruptions, those abroad will take advantage of this situation. Foreign threats and attacks will be plotted through these social explosions. Weak countries may experience major plundering.
We will witness appalling state brutality. This signifies war between countries and regions – and it has already begun. Countries will disperse; new partnerships will be established; the human race’s greed will peak.
Kazakhstan is the first global example. Countries may be divided. The unrest in Kazakhstan is an internal conflict scenario in which price hikes and income inequality will be utilized as weapons, leading to that country’s division and border changes.
Kazakhstan is currently under attack, both internally and externally. If it fails to overcome this, the central government will atrophy, leading to the country’s collapse. The threat truly is this great, and tells the world a great deal.
Kazakhstan is the first such example, and many countries face the same threat. This is the primary concern for all Central Asian countries. Russia and China will not let this opportunity pass them by. Furthermore, the U.S. and Europe will fully exploit this weakness.
Our opposition’s aim is the same, but it’s miscalculated
Strangely, the political opposition in Turkey has also been reformatted within the scope of this plan and in accordance with this conflict. Their political theories, their discourse, their use of the country’s weaknesses as weapons are all within the scope of this project.
This is the reason behind their heedless partnerships with the terrorist organizations fighting Turkey within, and their submission to those threatening Turkey from abroad. Turkey’s issue is certainly not internal politics, but the clash of global scenarios. But they have miscalculated.
The number of global superpowers has grown. Turkey is a central country, as well as a hub of attraction. There will be clustering around Turkey as well. Hence, Turkey will not be affected by this formatting process.
Food prices are a national security issue
Let us get to more concrete matters.

  1. Food will be the most critical reason for conflict – and in fact war – in 2022. The greed of rich countries, their preparations for the future will drive some countries to famine and poverty. Thus, this will pose both an internal and foreign threat to some countries.
  2. Turkey must take very strict measures to protect its food resources. It must increase its reserves and prepare for the future.
  3. If necessary, it must determine very strict principles regarding food prices. Regulations regarding producers, suppliers, and grocery stores must be made a national security issue. The Ministry of Agriculture must take action like the defense industry
    An emergency process must be launched in terms of utilizing agricultural areas. Even the tiniest parcel of land must be put to use. It must become obligatory through tight control to process agricultural areas.
  4. Strong incentives, measures, and control must be introduced to individual and corporate production. Special regulations and facilitations should be introduced for countries involved in agricultural activities.
  5. The Agriculture Ministry should declare mobilization. Revolutionary regulations should be introduced to guarantee the next decades of our country.
  6. The great breakthroughs made in the defense industry are necessary in agriculture as well. The next new leap after defense and technology must take place in this field.
  7. The food issue should not be perceived as limited to trade and economy alone. It should be considered as the defense of a nation, its survival, as well as internal and external security.
    Food requires the same alarm as our fight against terrorism
    Food and agriculture require the same struggle we are putting up against terrorism. It requires the same determination, the same state of alarm.
    Just as we are fighting to keep the economy upright and protecting our borders and seas, we must make the same extraordinary preparations in agriculture and food.
    The world is being driven into extremely critical food crises and conflicts, and in fact wars. This is not a trivial concern. Countries will be divided, regions will be driven into chaos, and maps will change.
    Nuclear powers of the future
    Countries that have their bases covered in the fields of agriculture and food will become the nuclear powers of the future. Turkey made huge breakthroughs in the defense industry, in technology. It needs to do the same in agriculture and food. Turkey has the capacity to do this, and it will. As long as it is ready beyond routine preparation.