‘The Golden Ratio’ exhibition seeks infinite complexity of universe

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ISTANBUL : London based illumination artist Nagihan Seymour makes a comeback with a new exhibition “The Golden Ratio” to The Lightbox gallery following her previous successful solo exhibitions in 2017 and 2021.

“The Golden Ratio,” also known as Phi, which is known to have been first identified by ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, is a special number that can be seen across the universe from living systems to inanimate objects and from the micro to the macroscale. Similarly, through “The Golden Ratio,” Nagihan Seymour brings nature and the natural world to life in her designs and creates compositions that are organic, balanced and visually pleasing.

Drawing inspiration from nature in the design process, one of the more challenging aspects of her works is to simplify and stylize the infinite complexity of the natural world and apply that in her patterns and designs.

Nagihan Seymour poses during artwork, 2022. (Nagihan Seymour Photo)
Nagihan Seymour poses during artwork, 2022. (Nagihan Seymour Photo)

Nagihan’s paintings are symmetrical designs consisting of naturalistic floral ornamentation or patterns with simple expressions. Gold is the main element used in the paintings complemented with acrylic, gouache and watercolor paints on handmade and treated papers. Her paintings are freehand drawn and painted incorporating 11- to 24-carat gold.

Nagihan is a British Turkish artist who specializes in Tezhip, the art of illumination and sacred geometry. Although originally a materials engineer, she has practiced this art since her university days, studying traditional arts in her hometown of Istanbul. After her first solo exhibition at The Lightbox in 2017, she became a full-time artist painting and creating ceramics from her studio in Egham, Surrey.

The exhibition will be open until April.

Courtesy: Dailysabah