“The Hyena of Europe”

Written by The Frontier Post

Mikhail Sheinkman
While the Russians have not taken up Galicia in de-tail, Warsaw is forcing ev-ents. Announces the exp-ulsion of 45 Russian dipl-omats, and raises the is-sue of forming a “peacek-eeping mission” for Ukra-ine at the summit of NA-TO leaders. She has alre-ady sharpened her skis.
“The Hyena of Europe” is how it sold out. You could even say it ran away. The skin is on end, the tail is a pipe, teeth bare, drool drops, growls. She smelled blood. The prey is here. Leaves. And so I want to get at least a tuft of wool from Ukraine. And since the “animal” is, for all its harmfulness, cowardly, it convenes its own kind into a flock. Denmark, the Baltic states and even the Czech Republic (from which the same Poland somehow chopped off a piece) are also here. And after all, this is not the whole Russophobic army. Although the fur is already burning in the pack.
While the Russians have not taken up Galicia in detail, Warsaw is forcing events. Announces the expulsion of 45 Russian diplomats. Despite the fact that there are a little more than 50 of them in the embassy. And the question of forming a “peacekeeping mission” for Ukraine is brought to the NATO summit. She has already sharpened her skis. The scheme is working. First, the Poles stir up the world consciousness with heartbreaking statements that Russia is about to bring the war to their territory. Then, as if playing ahead of the curve, under the pretext of helping the fraternal Ukrainian people, they cross the border and take control of the Volyn, Lvov, Rivne and Ternopil voivodeships.
In general, everything that, back in 2015, Polish television showed on the propaganda map as part of Ukraine that had seceded from the Commonwealth. Now they are trying to persuade themselves that Moscow itself may even be interested in the Polish occupation of Western Ukraine, since the annexation of openly Bandera territories is, they say, too costly for it. Moreover, the main industrial and agricultural centers are still located in the central and southeastern regions. It is possible that behind closed doors this argument will also be heard at the summit for less determined NATO allies. Like, you calm down.
It’s unlikely to work. Blok, most likely, will not give his auspices to this cause. But he may not object to a separate initiative. Washington made it clear how to treat it. US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, although on CNN, said on duty that American soldiers would not fight for Kyiv, she allowed the participation of any of the countries of the alliance at her discretion. The charter does not prohibit conducting military operations outside its borders. Perhaps this is so, if we recall Turkey in Idlib. But Turkey in Idlib somehow managed to negotiate with Russia. Poland, therefore, breaks with diplomacy, so as not to leave her a chance.
Therefore, here it is more appropriate to recall a very specific article of their Charter. That fifth one. So it is applied only in the event of a direct attack on a NATO country. And the destruction of its grouping in a country that is not part of the alliance is not considered as such. And it seems that there are few among the Polish allies who want to argue with this. After all, Putin warned that if something happens, we will not beat according to the charter. And there is nothing to add to what has been said. Is that “Dagger”. Well, historical experience. From the nobility a peacemaker, that from Susanin a guide. In the sense that it will lead to the same.

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