The idea of tube train

Recently, an Asian Development Bank (ADB) delegation headed by the ADB Country Director met with Chief Minister Punjab, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi at his office. During the meeting, CM Punjab discussed the prospects of cooperation between the Punjab government and the ADB for the launching of the Blue Line underground project in Lahore. According to the details, both sides principally agreed on cooperation for the construction of the Blue Line Underground Projects in the Provincial Capital.

Realistically, the Political Mafia had always pursued its vested interest through all available means from funds distribution to development projects, ticket allocation to electoral alliances, and coalition partnerships to bid for no-confidence motions and vice versa. Ironically, community building and development projects had never been a part of any national development strategy in Pakistan, but it had been a mere self-conception of the leaders that mostly materialized by the bureaucrats instead of architects/engineers, that’s why all mega projects are full of quality lapses, contractual and environmental flaws.

So far, all mass transit projects in the country from Khyber to Karachi had been conceived on political grounds and are a burden on the national economy due to massive subsidies from the national exchequer for the continuation of their operation. The colossal structures of mass transit projects within the population centers badly tarnished the beauty of the major cities and destroyed the environment and social and cultural life.

In fact, Politically motivated, hurriedly planned, and hastily completed projects could never be flawless. Public welfare is the essence of democracy however such an initiative must be approved after thorough deliberation, feasibility report, and consultation with urban planners to maximize its dividends and remove potential drawbacks beforehand. Earlier, Sharif gifted the Lahorians Metro bus service while Chaudhry is preparing to construct a tube train for them, all parties are selling their legacies, whoever succeded will win the upcoming general Election.