The king is not dead. Yes, so what. A palace coup is being prepared in the Czech Republic

Mikhail Sheinkman

“Together” against Russia: will the Czech Republic become friendlier after the victory of the opposition?

This is the true face of the Czech political elite. However, she did not hide it. And from President Milos Zeman himself, too. She made grimaces at him in vain attempts to remove him from power. And here it is necessary, how well everything came together for her – he pulled away himself. Not with the ends, however, although many of them would already like to let out a mean man’s tear and drink without clinking glasses. But since Sunday, the 77-year-old politician is not just in the intensive care unit of the Central Military Hospital in Prague, but in the department with the highest level of intensive care. This is when a critical threat to life.

As he spoke with Prime Minister Andrei Babish about the results of the parliamentary elections, he fell ill. Maybe it happened so, and not because he took to heart the defeat of the prime minister’s party, which he sympathized with. He had been seriously ill before. Be that as it may, it would be a sin not to take advantage of it, the “good people” in the Senate decided and began to prepare the legal basis for the removal of some of the powers from the president due to his incapacity. And the speaker of the upper house Vystrchil, even though he was also Milos, and completely allowed the complete deprivation of his namesake of political functions.

Although now his prerogative alone is quite enough for them – the right to nominate a candidate for the post of head of the cabinet. Now is the time for this, and Zeman was so inopportunely ill. Or by the way? He was going to entrust the formation of the government to the same Babis, despite his second place. He warned in advance that the leader of the party that received the most votes would do it. And even though Babis’s ANO movement lost to the coalition of three liberal forces “Together”, it was ahead of each of them separately. Therefore, it is this alliance that should be interested in a small palace coup with the neutralization of presidential influence.

And judging by how they stirred in the Senate, the victors, having not yet taken power, began to pump up the rights. What to pull? With the third winner of the elections – also a liberal duet of the Pirate Party and the movement “Heads and Independents” – they have already started carving up portfolios. By the way, Ondřej Kovář, the head of the Prague-6 metropolitan area, is nominated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A figure of an extremely limited scale and extremely narrow outlook – if he could deserve promotion along the diplomatic line, it was only an anti-Russian scandal. He has no other international merits.

It was he who in April 2020 ordered to demolish the monument to Marshal Konev in his neighborhood. And it’s impossible to imagine what would have to happen for Sergei Lavrov to want to meet a character from the category of those two well-known words in “d” and “b”. Kovar’s candidacy may, of course, fail. But the very fact of his nomination already characterizes the level of political culture and education of the possibly new authorities in the Czech Republic. However, in this sense, the old ones are no better. Perhaps Milos Zeman. But he seems too old for all this … And too sick.

Courtesy: (radiosputnik)