The main secret of the Glasgow climate summit: Why the tundra is burning

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Sergey Savchuk

The climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, passed almost imperceptibly for our country, for the reason that Vladimir Putin did not attend it. The event was also ignored by Xi Jinping.
This fact did not fail to take advantage of Joe Biden. He accused China of the fact that the latter is the main polluter of the atmosphere, while the tundra is burning in Russia at the same time, and in general, two of Washington’s main geopolitical opponents are evading negotiations, not wanting to take on additional environmental responsibility. However, many other interesting statements were made at the summit, although the most important secret remained behind the scenes of silence.
Let’s start with the fact that, according to the UN, the average annual temperature compared with the re-ference year 1900 has incr-eased by almost a whole degree Celsius. According to ecologists, over the past year, mankind, in the course of its life and industrial activity, has caused fifty-two billion tons of greenhouse gases to enter the atmosphere. The dubious prize for the dirtiest air went to the Pakistani city of Lahore.
All world leaders spoke on the margins of COP26, many beautiful words, appeals and slogans were heard. All the same Biden promised that the United States will halve its emissions of greenhouse gases and other gases by 2030 compared to 2005.
The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom compared the ongoing climate change with a football match, in which humanity is losing with a score of 5: 1, and immediately supported the US leader, releasing the pin in the direction of China. According to Boris Johnson, Beijing must define and precisely comply with its commitments to combat global warming.
However, others also got the nuts from the leaders of the democratic West. For example, Brazil was hara-ssed for not fighting deforestation, and India was blamed for the slow transition to carbon-free energy. Loyal allies of the West, such as Japan, were praised by Biden and Johnson, promising to allocate more money for generation reform and the development of renewable sources.
In this case, friends of Washington and London can really count on receiving new batches of colored paper. Along with the presidents on the sidelines of the summit, Mark Carney, the former head of the Bank of Canada and then the Bank of Britain, flickered, who said that the total assets of the so-called environmental financial alliance GFANZ (Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero), which is engaged in financing green development and energy sources, exceeded $ 130 trillion.
The event in Glasgow, although it was positioned as a purely apolitical and aimed at the common good, from the very first minutes turned into geopolitical fencing.
Narendra Modi has pledged that India will generate up to five hundred gigawatts of electricity from clean and renewable sources by the reporting year 2030. At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that a country with a population of 1.3 billion people cannot ignore common sense, its own interests and the laws of physics, and therefore Delhi does not agree to talk about zero carbon dioxide emissions until 2070. Moreover, according to the most rough estimates, it takes at least one trillion dollars to carry out only the primary reform of India’s energy sector, but there is no such amount of free funds in the treasury.
As for Russia, the conference participants were shown the address of Vladimir Putin, who denied all accusations against our country, and also reminded that every fifth tree – that is, a direct source of oxygen – grows in Russia and it makes every possible effort to preserve forests. The Russian leader continued the thought of his Indian colleague in absentia, assuring that our country supports good environmental initiatives, but it is not possible to talk about a carbon-free economy and energy until 2060, but for now it is necessary to use the available energy sources reasonably and simultaneously develop new generation and purification technologies.
China did not stand aside either, which has recently moved away from the usual softness of Eastern policy and is taking the most uncompromising and prickly position in relation to all its international opponents. Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the UN, Zhang Jun, noted China’s commitment to a common goal, but advised the collective West to first pay attention to its own deplorable results, and only afterward to bring some accusations to others.
In fact, it was the Chin-ese diplomat who pointed not only to the striking duplicity of the main speakers, but also revealed facts that, on the one hand, plunge all environmentalists into grief, and on the other hand, unambiguously testify to global changes hidden from the mass viewer by a stream of other news and events.
The fact is that while Joe Biden blamed Russia and China for all climate sins, very revealing news came from the United States. According to the Energy Information Administration ( EIA), by the end of this year, own coal consumption in the United States w-ill grow by twenty percent at once. That is, America will single-handedly consume more than five hundred and twenty million tons of coal, which, due to the permanent energy crisis, will be used for the production of electricity.
For comparison: last ye-ar the entire Russian coal industry produced about 420 million tons and the lion’s share of the extracted mineral was exported. In fact, the United States, once again taking on the title of a world landmark, will use coal as the second most im-portant source of energy, ahead of even nuclear generation. But this is not the end.
At the same time as Boris Johnson denounced and demanded, his own country was at its peak in coal consumption in the past six months.
The national grid operator has sent an official request to the two main generating companies Drax Group and Electricite de France with a request to increase production at coal-fired power pla-nts. This was done due to the prolonged calm and, as a consequence, the shortage of electricity that arose in Britain.
Is it any surprise that Asian countries have refused to plead guilty to global warming. Moreover, it became known almost immediately that hundreds of new coal-fired thermal power plants and thermal power plants would be built in the region in the near future. Only from open sources it is known about plans to build ninety-five such facilities in China, twenty-eight in India and twenty-three in Indonesia.
Particularly revealing at this fair of vain duplicity sounded the chorus of foreign media, which criticized the countries – imp-orters of Russian gas. The latter is called on the pages of publications only “the dirtiest in the world” and at the same time they accuse Russia of unwillingness to increase supplies to Europe in excess of contractual obligations, as well as of methane emissions, which warms the atmosphere ten times more strongly.
Two facts are noteworthy here at once.
First, the United States has officially “transferred” Europe to full import dependence on pipeline gas supplies from Russia. For several months now, LNG produced in the States has been going almost in full to the markets of Southeast Asia, where there is an increased demand and, accordingly, the price is growing. It was after the White House recognized that they could not and would not help their European allies go through the winter, and the first wave of loud demands on Moscow to immediately increase supplies arose. Secondly, the Europeans, whom Washington personally pushed into the arms of Gazprom, are not offered any real alternatives, apart from speculative proposals to build more wind turbines and carry out some kind of diversification of supplies.
Generally speaking, the climate summit left a very strange impression.
On the one hand, there is a noble goal, global tasks, the need for cooperation and mutual assistance. And at the same time – record prices for traditional energy sources, galloping coal mining and the threat of blackouts in significant areas of the world map.
One gets the impression that all these planetary dances with a climatic tambourine are a kind of smoke screen behind which the participants are secretly rebuilding the global economy to fit new realities. More economical, greener and more modern in terms of using old technologies and fuels.
Because if this is not the case and all the people who have spoken from the high rostrum, endowed with the power to decide the fate of this world, really believe in the green transition in the coming years, along the way ignoring common sense, quotes and the law of conservation of energy, very difficult times await us.
You can accumulate as many trillions of dollars as you like, but not a single kilowatt-hour of energy can be produced from them. Well, perhaps by sending them to the furnace.

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