The Middle East development

The Middle East development

Samantha Irani

While the world is on the brink of fundamental peace developments in the Middle East after two decades of BLOODSHED insecurity and violence.

We were witnesses of the Peace agreements ceremony at the White House between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain other PGCC countries. In spite of Israel’s hardworking to spread peace and get normalisation in their relationship with other countries in the region Islamic Republic of Iran has Not given up their efforts to achieve Nu-clear Weapon,even though after suspicious explosion in their two important sites Natanz and Parchin .

In order to easily register itself as a First Anti Semitism power in the region which has get the Atomic arsenal. Thus got affordability as a bargain chip to extort in favour of their communicates . Describing Iranian governors opinions it spotlights they are NOT happy regarding these agreements.

On the other hand while  Israel get benefits of their accords and presence of their military experts to construct a competitive army base at the entrance of great strategic importance Bab al Mandeb strait, Socotra, which has being available as a part of the UAE’s efforts to provide the island of the Western Archipelago implementing military investment projects in cooperation with Israel to lead the security of the region which used to be forbidden.

The strait of Aden’s security have an opponent in Yemen the Houthis one of the Iranian regime affiliated armed militias to controlling the area. The Iran’s regime trying to do not intend to confront Israel directly until they would have access to Nuclear weapon while they are extremely waiting for the results of the USA upcoming election in November, they would not Tolerate the presence of Israel at the invitation of the Emirates though they would strongly defend Houthis to interfere and disrupt the plan. The Houthis, who blame the UAE for Israel’s entry into the Strait of Aden, would  seek revenge on the UAE.

In contrast, such interference by them would pave the way of the conflicts against Israel and the USA, these confrontation would lead Iran to the Security Council and Seventh paragraph for widespread sanctions.

This pressure would force Iran to prepare for the major changes in their politics scenes.

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