The new ‘Eastern front’ with Iran and the collapse of the Arab alliance. Saudi Arabia needs Turkey!

Ibrahim Karagül

In my previous colu-mn, I spoke about the Pope’s Iraq visit, its symbols, his meeting with Ayatollah Sistani, and asked whether a “new Eastern front is being established” with Iran against Turkey, provoking Iran’s fear especially after the Karabakh war.
The question here was associated with the new US administration’s relaxing relations with Iran and its decision to cease support to Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war, followed by the extraordinary escalation of Houthis’ ballistic missile and UAV attacks on Saudi Arabia, thus, causing confusion in the previously established anti-Turkey “Arab front,” as a result, we witnessed signals of relaxation in relations between Turkey and Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia’s pursuits after their weakened anti-Turkey behavior.
After ‘sieging through terrorism,’ now era of ‘sieging through states.’ It is now very clear that the US and Europe are implementing a major project aimed at “sieging Turkey” through terrorist organizations in the north of Syria and Iraq, through Israel, the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, France and Greece in the Mediterranean, and we know that they have a long-term regional plan. We experienced this and continue to do so. Our greatest fight in recent years is in this area and we are working towards breaking this siege. We are obse-rving that after sieging Tur-key “through terrorism,” they have now reached the stage of “sieging through states.”
We broke the siege in the north of Syria and Iraq, and we are striving to do the same in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean. We are now faced with the new situation of siege from the East. West promoting ‘fear of Turkey’ to Arabs, as well as in Iran.
Turkey is an extremely dynamic, lively, strong rising power of the 21st century that has its own goals, that has determined its own path and is thus facing the consequences of this both within and outside. Its friends and foes are now all taking positions according to this reality.
Additionally, the West is promoting the “fear of Turkey” to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Gulf countries as well as in Iran as part of its efforts to shape new power equilibriums, form new alliances, and build new regional fronts. First, siege from Iraq, then from Syria. We were even going to lose Hatay. What did they do so far to achieve this?
They first supported terrorist organizations in Northern Iraq and made them fight Turkey. They wanted to close all the doors leading to Iraq. They took the first step towards the terror siege.
They then built a terror shield on Turkey’s longest border through the Syrian war. The first time in world history, a state (the US) officially became partners with a terrorist organization (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-the People’s Protection Units (YPG). Once the siege from Syria would be completed, the siege map from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean would have been finalized. Of course, Hatay would be left within this zone during the process. If Turkey had not intervened in this zone and made it “impossible,” the Hayat crisis was inevitable. Why did they include Arabs in the Mediterranean siege?
Then, they moved the siege towards the East Me-diterranean. Together with Israel, France and Greece, they included some Arab countries in the East Medi-terranean front as well. A geopolitical map was being implemented through natural as resources, launching the Mediterranean leg of this map. As they know that the perception of “the West is sieging Turkey from the Mediterranean” would trigger a regional reaction, they built the “Arab front.”
This front, led by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, and Egypt, was made the center of the plan to “siege from the Mediterranean.”
They pitted the Arab front against Turkey in both Libya and Northern and C-entral Africa. Turkey was being encircled from the south, both on the ground and from the sea, while M-uslim countries were being included in the coalition to hide the fact that this is a ci-vilizational clash with Islam.‘Siege map’ expanding towards Aegean, Eastern Europe. They implemented the same format inside Turkey. They built an opposition bloc without an identity. They designed this as an “internal front.”
After the East Mediterranean, they started to expand the siege map from to the Aegean, after the Islands to towards Eastern Europe. This time, they launched military operations aimed at forming a West front from the Aegean to Bulgaria and Romania, aimed at closing of the West door. The reality that the military buildup in the Aegean and Greece is aimed at re-stricting Turkey now needs to be seen in all clarity. Saudi Arabia will lose Yemen war. It will reach brink of destruction.
The US and Israel are using the fear of Iran and Turkey against Arabs, the fear of Turkey against Iran to drive them towards new formations. They are carrying out an exclusive plan through these fears. This plan is deep regional polarity, conflict, and the region’s devastation. The ”Arab front’s” leading country, Saudi Arabia, gave into its fear of Turkey. It thought the US and Israel would keep it safe. But now, it is abandoned in Yemen. The Yemen war can drive this country to the brink of devastation; it can destroy it, collapse it.
The consecutive ballistic missile attacks in recent d-ays, the UAV attacks are targeting Saudi oil plants a-nd cities. The timing is im-portant, and the danger for Saudi Arabia is great. It is highly likely to lose this w-ar and suffer many wounds. Arab front collapsed. What can Turkey do?
Turkey is not a threat to the Arab front and Saudi Arabia. The threat appears to be Iran, but the real threat is the US and Israel’s new design for the region. Riyadh is backed into a corner because of its fear of Turkey, because of its weakness. Even the scene today indicates that the first great storm will be targeting Saudi Arabia.
In my opinion, the Arab front collapsed. Their continued efforts to target Turkey is going to make them more prone to destruction, isolation and attacks. When the Riyadh administration perceives that the real threat is coming from the West, it will tragically realize the importance of Turkey’s support.
Even now, Turkey is the only country that can save Saudi Arabia from this quagmire.
Plans to establish a new sectarian East front with Iran or the Shiite bloc will similarly result in disappointment. We hope that Iran and its affiliates will take a lesson from the dilemmas experienced by the Arab front and refrain from embarking on such an adventure. Let us hope it realizes before it’s too late that this is an exclusive, regional plan.
Every alliance built against Turkey failed. Turkey will manage to break the siege in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean like it broke the siege in the north of Iraq and Syria, the siege in the Caucasus. The terror shield in the north of Iraq and Syria collapsed; the plan to eliminate Turkey and Russia from the Caucasus and build a West front collapsed; the Arab front established to stop Turkey regionwide collapsed. Every organization, ev-ery country that is driven to the ground for the great p-lan aimed at “stopping Tu-rkey” is facing defeat. Re-gardless of whether it is a terror shield or a country s-hield, everyone driven to the ground for this siege will lose. We are currently watching Greece lose…