The philosophy of Nuclear Five

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Representatives of the five nuclear-weapon states under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) met in Paris recently to hold the Tenth Nuclear Five Conference to discuss the preparatory process for the upcoming 10th Review Conference action of the NPT. The term nuclear five, commonly refers to five early nuclear states the US, the UK, Russia, China and France, reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to the NPT and all three of its foundations, as well as their unconditional support for the universalization of the Treaty. The big five also reaffirmed their full support to the IAEA in the application of Safeguards Agreements and Additional Protocols, in promoting the benefits of peaceful uses of nuclear energy to the entire world while verifying that States are complying with their nuclear non-proliferation obligations. The group of five reviewed the NPT’s measures and so-called resolve of nuclear-weapon states to achieve disarmament and the ultimate goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world without compromising anyone’s security. While discussing their common agenda of universal nuclear dominance, the Nuclear five expressed their commitment to the goals of nuclear-weapon-free zones, including a nuclear-weapon-free zone in Southeast Asia, and establishment of a zone free of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery in the Middle East, restoration of the JCPOA as well as denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

About more than half a century ago, the club of nuclear five concluded the Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of the Nuclear Weapons, which came into force in 1970. Under the treaty, the non-nuclear states agreed not to acquire nuclear weapons while nuclear states agreed to share the benefits of peaceful use of nuclear technology for the purpose of non-nuclear proliferation and nuclear disarmament. At that time, the club of nuclear five vowed to eliminate their nuclear arsenals however after passage of five decades their nuclear stockpile had increased many folds, by using NPT regime the nuclear five successfully restrained the nuclear proliferation in the world. Before signing of NPT, experts were hoping for the emergence of 25-30 nuclear states during the next 20 years, however due to NPT provisions only three non-nuclear states including India, Pakistan and North Korea gained nuclear capabilities over the last five decades, while Israel has not declared its nuclear status so far.

During the cold war, the nuclear five intended to create a mechanism which would reduce the uncertainty of accidental use of nuclear weapons by the rival powers as well as stop the spread of this exceptional capability to other nations of the world. Therefore, the Nuclear five originated NPT Doctrine, which provided them unlimited authority and permanent dominance over non-nuclear nations through a comprehensive mechanism of monitoring and verifiable measures. Nevertheless, besides restricting the rest of the world from peaceful nuclear energy, the nuclear five not only expanded their nuclear stockpiles but also provided their allies with the latest nuclear technologies as well as a nuclear shield against their opponents. If the Nuclear five would have been sincere in their efforts to eliminate the nuclear weapons from the world then why had they been making their Nukes more sophisticated, lethal and destructive after approval of accord. Apparently, the sole aim of the NPT’s doctrine was to run-down the rest of the world from nuclear capability which had been attained by the club of five before approval of their mutual strategy.

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