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Nations around the world are shoring up defensive and offensive capabilities in space, Axios Space author Miriam Kramer writes.

  • Why it matters: Using space as a warfighting domain opens up new avenues for technologically advanced nations to dominate their enemies. But it can also make those countries more vulnerable to attack in novel ways.

From anti-satellite tests to establishing new military branches, space is becoming an integral theater for militaries around the world.

  • U.S. Space Command issued a rare statement in July calling out what it described as an “anti-satellite weapons test” after a Russian satellite appeared to release a projectile near another Russian satellite.
  • China reportedly has the technology to blind enemy satellites, according to a March report from CSIS.

What we’re watching: Some experts believe the U.S. is falling behind in efforts to secure its space infrastructure.

  • While the U.S. is ahead of every other nation in its capabilities from orbit, the country’s national security satellite infrastructure — which depends on a relatively small number of extremely expensive spy satellites — is vulnerable.

Courtesy: Axios

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