The Reconquista or Zemmour’s self service

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According to French media, the protests had erupted in the support and opposition of left-wing radical journalist and self-proposed candidate of French Presidency Eric Zemmour. According to reports, the radical right-wing journalist Eric Zemmour has announced his intention to run for the office of the president of France as an independent candidate during a speech on Tuesday. Zemmur claimed to curb the flow of migrants into the country and “return France to the French”, and vowed for re-industrialization and reduction in the unemployment in the country. The radical leftist leader termed his struggle a “Reconquista.” According to him, his Reconquista movement will return the country to its genuine position.

The Presidential election in France will be held in two phases in April next year and two dozen candidates are likely to contest election for the post of head of the state. Like other western nations, the nationalist and radical sentiments are at rise in France and opportunist leaders like Zemmour are tactfully using these sentiments for their personal gain in the election. The nationalist and so-called “make the America great again” doctrine of former American President Donald Trump has fascinated many opportunists to cash these radical sentiments for grasping victory in the election. The newly appeared journalist turned French politician Eric Zemmour used the recipe of anti-Muslim sentiment of French society and has coined the theory of “Reconquista” means regaining victory.

In fact, the term Reconquista had been used by the Christian resistance movement against the Muslim rule in Iberian Peninsula comprising Spain and some parts of today’s France during 770 AD to 1492 AD. The Reconquista movement continued for more than seven hundred years and finally liberated the Iberian region from Muslim rule in 1492 and also forcedly converted Muslim populations of the countries into Christianity or pushed them out of the region. Presently, some sections of French society are supporting Zemmour’s radical theory while others are protesting his nefarious designs. Although the successor of Ferdinand II had picked the weakest part of French society, however, the French would decide the future of Zemmour’s doctrine through a poll next year.

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