The Scandal Queen Meera Jee turns 44

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LAHORE: Pakistani film actress Meera or the scandal queen (which would be a more befitting title for the most controversial actress of the nation) turns forty-four. Happy Birthday Meera Jee!  Actress Meera is an accomplished Pakistani star excluding the unending criticism that she receives, on Tuesday. 

She made her movie debut in 1995 and got widely recognized in 1999 for her excellent lead role in Khilona.

However it will not be dense to say that Meera is more known for always making the headlines through one ignorant stunt or the other.

Simply put she is called a ‘Scandal Queen’ for a reason and the title is perfectly suited as she is always being targeted for her brain-less expeditions than her acting skills.

When we say Meera is dull-witted it wouldn’t be wrong as she has also spent considerable time in an American Mental Hospital. Meera is unapologetically over confident which always lands her in deep trouble.

She thinks she has a talent for speaking immaculate English but somehow her well-articulated sentences and unique English accent doesn’t support her claim to be an English scholar.

However confidence can make us assume things. Right?  In 2019, Meera appeared as a star in film Baaji which could not do well at the box office. Today when Meera turns 44, it will not be unintelligent to assume that she has certainly lived an exciting life till now.  

Always being a part of one scandal or other, Meera has always kept herself and the audience entertained which we believe might have made Meera live an exhilarating 44 years of life. 

May your birthday be as special as you are Meera!  Irtiza Rubab more commonly known as Meera is a Pakistani film actress, model, television presenter, and a leading philanthropist.

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