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The defense ministers of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) met in Dushanbe on Wednesday and highlighted the need to counter the growing activity of terrorists after the pullout of foreign military contingents from Afghanistan. The SCO defense chiefs observed that there is a need to prevent the situation from destabilizing in the SCO space and the activity of terrorist groups from growing significantly in the region after the pullout of the US and NATO’s military contingents from Afghanistan. The SCO meeting approved a plan of cooperation between the bloc’s member countries for 2022-2023 and expressed resolve to strengthen the friendship and good neighborly relations between the SCO member states. The SCO Defence Minister further discussed building up SCO practical interaction with regional partner organizations in coming days.

The SCO was formed some 20 years ago with the slogans of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations and the pursuit of common development. The Shanghai spirit enshrines from equal partnership regardless of countries sizes, economic potentials, cultural and civilization differences among them. Presently, the bloc has 8 member states, 4 observer states, and six dialogue partners and possesses an important position among the international organizations. The SCO has been issuing its verdicts regarding issues/disputes of its member and other regional states while emphasizing the need for resolution, however it refrained from meddling in the disputes.

However, after seeing a military vacuum in war-torn Afghanistan in the backdrop of withdrawal of US and NATO troops, the SCO’s defence Chiefs minds lure in the way of stepping into the neighboring country on the ploy of increasing terrorist activities. Although there is anarchy and safe havens for terrorists in the country, physical involvement of any country or organization in any garb would further deteriorate the worsening situation in Afghanistan. Presently, UNO is the unanimous and sole international platform who have jurisdiction around the globe to undertake political, legal, or military measures to address the internal or interstate disputes of the countries. Therefore, it is suggestible that the SCO should continue to play its advisory role and avoid taking any physical step in Afghanistan to avoid further deterioration of the situation in the Country.

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