The September 11th attack on The Twin towers

Written by The Frontier Post

Steven Kaszab

The attack by Chechnya based rebels upon The Dubrowka Theater in Moscow

The Battle of Little Big Horn where Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne Warriors massacre Custer’s Troops.

Global History will show  multiple examples of how a small group of men will take up arms and in whatever way possible attack those that seem to oppress them.

These events are horrible indeed. Multiple deaths have always effected our need for security more than the death of a singular person. Why? The death of many innocent individuals is an attack upon our personal and collective security and safety.

‘What if it were us, instead of these strangers”?  You have seen situations when a young person has died, and strangers arrive to grieve over a death of someone they do not know. Our Fear surfaces from within and shows itself for multiple reasons. The acts of men during warfare will always be horrible, but some times necessary. The results of these actions have consequences.

9/11 resulted in the creation of Homeland Security and more powerful western security systems whose main purpose was to exact revenge upon those who planned, supported and carried out the attack upon America. Revenge America achieved, to the point of occupying much of Afghanistan in order to weed out thousands of “Terrorists”. The Western Military Complex found profit in this endeavor, bombing Afghan insurgents at every opportunity. All this death because some Islamic fighters who were originally armed and trained by America to fight  Russia, wanted to topple The Saudi Regime. Better that America let Saudi’s deal with their own problems. Oh yah there’s the oil supplied by our dictatorial allies. What was America protecting? Oil supplies to America. Nothing more. From Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan a sequence of events lead to 9/11. Men with box cutter knives hijack planes and bring Terror to a land that has not felt such Fear since their civil war. America under estimating the determination and expertise of peasants resulted in mass death in New York.

Chechnya has been a back water for The Russian Empire both Royal and Soviet. Russia tells their ethnic minorities what to do, never consulting with inferiors. Chechnya Rebels took their fight directly to the capital of this empire. Moscow suffered a significant black eye from a group of well trained men and women willing to die just like those who attacked America in New York City. 170 deaths later, most caused by the authorities reaction using toxic gas upon the theater. Chechnya today is still a back water of The Putin Empire, where russification efforts and a police state are aimed at this ethnic group.

The Indigenous of the past could not with stand the American expansion westward. Pushed further and further from their original homelands these brave men stood their ground and fought against huge odds. American technology allowed a few American troops to spill the blood of many brave warriors. American pride and ignorance of Indigenous ways lead to the Battle of The Little Big Horn. Thousands of Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne Warriors were able to out solider Col Custer and his troops. A Massacre, a act of revenge attempting to halt the unstoppable.  What was the result of this battle? American Authorities choose to eradicate “The Indian”. Full scale war upon all native tribes. If America could not kill them through warfare they starved them killing of The Buffalo to near extinction.

Today is 9/11.  Twenty years ago a small group of determined men took on The American Empire.

What did we experience, and what did we learn from this terrible event? We experienced “Terror” like never before. Fear gripped The Western World. Will it happen again, where and when? The West looked to The Middle East and Asia realizing that hateful ordinary men could stretch out their hands and strike us.

What did we learn from this life altering event? Simply that WHAT POWERFUL NATIONS DO, HAS CONSEQUENCES.

Drop a bomb on a village, and you create future hateful enemies. Push someone, and likely they will push you back. Perhaps they will strike or knife you. Humans are a fickle bunch. The West has watched and done nothing while mass murder has happened through out the world…Three Million Armenian’s murdered by The Turkish Empire, The Rwandan Genocide, Millions murdered in Cambodia and yet when thousands of their citizens are killed they turn the world up side down. Double standard or simply Racism?

Did America learn from this event? Of course not. They have been recently kicked out of Afghanistan after ten years of a “police action”. America has not learnt what our children know, that their actions have consequences and these consequences will cost American lives. Policing the World costs the nation great wealth and lives.

American Foreign Policy and the willy nilly use of American Military Might must be renewed, rethought.

Children grow up and think like adults. When will those in Washington DC learn from the past and become something better.

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