The USA upcoming election

Samantha Irani

While the politic scene around the world is in un-sustainable situation wh-ich have been rarely experienced, the USA upcoming election is approaching and would have a major influence on it.

Everyone is somehow waiting for the outcome of this election and wants to predict who would succeed in.

In many ways,2020 has been a bizarre year for the Americans politic scene while The 45th president is going through the election, after getting infected COVID-19, being hospitalised less than a month before election and passed one of the toughest riots and violence scarring cities across America, in half century.

Those catastrophe uprising even caused to burn A-mericans flag even though in the heart of New York .

The pandemic forced government to the compulsory vacation for preventing the spread of deadly virus, shattered many of his economic achievements.

Frankly we could just spotlight one of the his successful efforts was in the Middle East peace agreement, Abraham’s  Accord. 

Right now, polls have shown most Republicans disproportionately planning to vote in person while Democrats are far more likely will vote by mail.

According to the RealClearPolitics aggregate of polls, Biden leads T-rump in nationwide polling by an average of 9.8 points (51.9% to 42.1%) when third party candidates ar-en’t included, and by an av-erage of 7.6 points (51.2% to 43.6%) when third party candidates are included.

Overall Biden’s leads even in traditional Repu-blican states like Arizona and Georgia, seems to confirm the narrative of an impending Biden victory.

In fact that there is no apparent incumbency boots for Trump’s chances of eking out a victory this time compares with last time in this year’s election race.

Typically, incumbents Trump campaign should be worrisome and boost an especial elements in favour of Trump something stronger than Hunter Bi-den’s corruption case, though what’s that could be, Iran, changes situation and pressure on Iran could easily strike a dramatic balance in Trump’s favor and lead him to a historic victory, But how, while the Islamic Republic of Iran is terrified of Trump’s victory and vigorously trying to prevent him to succeed the election,

Therefore Israel would officially come forward to Trump’s aid because Bibi knows better than everyone that, It has not been such a close intimate relations between the US government and Israel ever. Though we would see a strong Trump victory, however the fate of this second round of Trump would not be far from the fate of Richard Nixon.

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