The West creates an absolutely “incubatory” elite that has no experience of personal interaction with real life in its entirety

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Irina Alksnis

The new accusation against our country, put forward by the UK (that Moscow intends to imprison a “pro-Ru-ssian leader” in Kiev, as former Verkhovna Rada deputy Yevgeny Muraev is named) brings to mind the ancient joke about “t-hey just thought they had reached the bottom, as if from below knocked.”
The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom has been demonstrating uncompromising, regularly overflowing Russophobia for many years, but the degree of absurdity in its activities has further increased with the arrival of Elizabeth Truss as head of the Foreign Office .
In less than half a year of being in office, the politician managed to be remembered by many both for her fierce struggle against the “Russian threat” and for her penchant for either spectacular or eccentric gestures. The most striking of them was, of course, her trip on a tank in Estonia in December last year.
The reservation about either showiness or eccentricity in this case is fundamental, since the top government leaders of Britain in recent years often behave in such a way that they are honored with numerous ridicule and insulting characteristics. The main example here, of course, is Prime Minister Boris Johnson . Well, the “performance” of Truss in the tank was a clear imitation of Margaret Thatcher , who had a similar experience in the 1980s. But if for the Iron Lady this event has become part of her cult image, then it has made the current British Foreign Secretary an object for honing wit by prank-sters all over the planet.
And most importantly, this is by no means an isolated case when Elizabeth Truss does and says sheer stupidity. Just a couple of days ago, she, speaking in Australia , said :
“Ukraine is a proud country with centuries of history. They have known invasions before – from the Mongols to the Tatars. They suffered from a famine arranged by the state. Their resilience is more than enough. If they have to, they will fight to protect their country.”
And this “from the Mongols to the Tatars” again reveals such a level of ignorance and unprofessionalism of the minister (and her team – someone wrote this nonsense for her), which makes one wonder for the thousandth time: is it really in Britain, in the British elites no one better – smarter, more educated, more qualified, more adequate?
It’s not even about their cave Russophobia. In the end, Winston Churchill and the same Margaret Thatcher did not like Russia either – but the scale of personalities is simply incomparable.
Unfortunately, the answer to the question posed is not encouraging: there really is no one better there – and this, in fact, is one of the main dangers of the current situation.
Marveling, indignant and mocking Liz Truss , one must be aware that she is really crème de la crème, the best of the best in the modern British elite.
By the age of 46 – which is just early youth for a politician – she has behind her the posts of Minister of the Environment, Food and Agriculture, Minister of Justice and Lord Chancellor (Truss became the first woman in history to hold this position). Now she is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and one of the main contenders to replace Boris Johnson, under whom the prime minister’s chair is wobbly.
Modern Western elites are fundamentally different from their predecessors. In principle, this has never happened before and could not be.
The upper class throughout human history have been accused – and often quite rightly – of a multitude of sins and vices, depravity and corruption.
However, power has always been accompanied by colossal personal responsibility, and the path to it has been accompanied by harsh personal experience.
Even representatives of the aristocracy, born with a silver spoon in their mouth, went through a lot before reaching political heights – drill and physical punishment in childhood, participation in hostilities and work in the most dangerous corners of the planet where they were sent by the country (or their own adventurism) . And they – even being in a privileged position relative to lower ranks – knew what hunger, cold, unsanitary conditions, lack of professional medical care, the struggle for survival and work at the risk of life.
And now, for the first time in the history of mankind, the West has created an absolutely “incubatory” elite that has no experience of personal interaction with real life in its entirety.
Elizabeth Truss is a prime example of this. A well-to-do middle-class girl who grew up during the heyday of the welfare state. Ambitious and well aware of the situation, she received a prestigious Oxford education and already in her youth she clearly set her sights on a political career, at the age of 21 she joined the Conservative Party of Great Britain. Her career at the initial stage is a smooth track of party positions, work in big business and near-political sinecures. Truss’s main life test can be considered the fact that she managed to get into the country’s parliament only on the third attempt. But as soon as she was there, her career very quickly rushed to the very top.
Truss is no exception to the rule. On the contrary, she is a typical representative of the Western political class, which at the moment determines the fate of its countries and in many ways the world (simply due to the geopolitical status of the respective powers).
Having realized this feature, it becomes easier to understand all the game that we are seeing from the UK and the West as a whole – whether it is the aggravation of the energy crisis by one’s own hands or the use of methods against Russia that amaze with their brainlessness and at the same time immorality.
As a result, the world is forced to deal with the absolutely irresponsible elite of the West, which perceives the world and what is happening in it as some kind of computer game – a mixture of strategy and shooting. Emphasized ignorance, unprofessionalism and sucking delusional fantasies out of your finger become a logical consequence of this approach.
The Russian Foreign Ministry, in response to fresh accusations, called on the British Foreign Office to “stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and concentrate on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke.”
True, it is unlikely that London will heed this call. This means that the foreign (and domestic) policy of Great Britain – a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a nuclear power – will continue to be determined by Liz Truss and her associates.

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