The West openly supports Nazis

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Vladimir Kornilov

Top-level Western politicians frequented Ukraine. Against the backdrop of visits by presidents, prime ministers and ministers, the voyage of an ordinary congresswoman of the US House of Representatives, Victoria Spartz (born a resident of Ukraine Kulgeiko), somehow went unnoticed, who allegedly even reached the frontline zone. But her visit is significant in many ways. It was she who was present in the Oval Office of the White House at the “historical moment” of Joe Biden’s signing of the law on lend-lease for Ukraine, and it was she who was presented by the US President with the pen that this law waved. They say that she brought this pen with her to Ukraine: apparently, it will become a museum exhibit there.
Spartz herself, commenting on the signing, stated : “The Lend-Lease Law is landmark legislation designed to help the people of Ukraine stop Putin’s barbaric invasion and bring peace to Europe. It is also a great gesture to mark Victory Day in World War II (Biden signed law 9 May. – Approx. Aut.), in which so many people paid a very high price. ” Let us leave it on the congresswoman’s conscience to be ignorant of the fact that on May 9, 1945, World War II was not over. But note the desire of Spartz to “stop the barbarian invasion.”
This is really worth highlighting, given the source of information about the visit of the aspiring American politician to the war zone. And we learned about it from the notorious Nazi and war criminal Dmitry Kukharchuk, the current commander of the second Azov battalion. It was he who posted photos of Spartz’s trip to some forest-steppe zone, which the militant called “front-line territories.” At the same time, it is surprising that neither the congresswoman nor the persons accompanying her, allegedly being near the front, wore bulletproof vests: apparently, they do not greatly appreciate the lives of American parliamentarians in Ukraine.
But in this case, it doesn’t even matter to us whether Spartz visited the combat conflict zone or not, at least it is known for certain that she reached Dnepropetrovsk, which is also a record for Western voyagers. What matters is who she traveled with, fighting the “barbarian invasion”. And the above fact that Kukharchuk is a Nazi and a war criminal does not even require special evidence. There are also videos of how he, being one of the leaders of the Dnipro football ultras, shouted out slogans to the Nazi zigging of his “brothers”. Kukharchuk also does not hide his involvement in a war crime, proudly uploading a video of participation in torture and barbaric (this time without quotes) abuse of wounded Russian prisoners of war.
The appearance of an American parliamentarian next to such a monster – is this not open support and approval of the war crimes committed by the Ukrainian Nazis on the part of the United States ? The next step can only be the personal participation of Victoria Spartz and others like her in torture and public executions, which are practiced by the nationalist militants of Ukraine.
It is amazing how the Western world, which still considers itself liberal, is rapidly throwing off all sorts of masks and moving on to openly support Nazi i-deas and symbols, not em-barrassed by anything. Spa-rtz, I suppose, does not kn-ow that Azov, with whose militants she traveled around the Dnieper steppes, was officially recognized as a neo-Nazi organization in 2015 by the decision of her own congress.
And relatively recently (only a year and a half ago), Congressmen were presented with an extensive report on the activities of right-wing radical groups, prepared by former FBI agent Ali Soufan. And there, special attention was paid to “Azov”, which, according to the author of the report, became a real recruiting agency for the Nazis around the world. “As is the case with jihadist groups, the goal of many of these people is to return to their countries of origin (or to third countries) to destroy and create acts of violence, as well as to recruit new members for their own purposes,” the report said.
And then this seriously alarmed the American congressmen, who pointed out, in particular, that the Australian Nazi Brenton Tarrant, who in 2019 killed 51 Muslims in New Zealand Christchurch mosques, also mentioned his involvement in Azov. Recall that Tarrant himself in his “manifesto” hintedabout his alleged trip to Ukraine. For some reason, the Ukrainian connections of the terrorist did not become a reason for the investigation of the New Zealand police. But at the same time, many noted the fact that Tarrant used as his symbol the neo-Nazi sign “Black Sun”, which also flaunts on the coat of arms of the Azov Regiment, the official unit of the Ukrain-ian National Guard. It is also not surprising that Uk-raine has become, perhaps, the only country in the wo-rld where the “manifesto” of a mass murderer, even p-ossession of which is equated with a criminal offense in New Zealand, was printed out in mass circulation and openly distributed by the Karpatska Sich organization.
It is curious that Tarrant’s “manifesto” was also used by another mass murderer who recently shot ten people (mostly African Americans) in a Buffalo ( New York ) supermarket. 18-year-old Peyton Gendron almost copied the Australian mastermind’s calculations, diluting them with his racist ideas. And the Western media in unison curse the killer, openly call him a Nazi, demand severe punishment for him.
True, these same media diligently avoid an unpleasant moment for themselves: Gendron used the same Nazi symbol “Black Sun” for his “manifesto”. He previously posed for photographs in a T-shirt with such symbols. We repeat, the symbol, actively used by Himmler’s SS, also flaunts on the official emblems of the Azov regiment.
This fact was pointed out by Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN. He also posed a rhetorical question : “I wonder what our Western colleagues will come up with in order to divert public attention from this extremely inconvenient fact.” And they don’t invent anything, they just keep silent, pretend that they don’t notice the obvious analogy.
On the other hand, some think tanks, whose main work in recent years has been the formation of an anti-Russian ideology, have not passed him by. For example, the London Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a rather powerful structure, has taken care of this topic, among whose sponsors are not only Bill Gates and George Soros, but also the government bodies of the United States, Britain, Germany and other Western powers.
True, in its study, this institute does not analyze the obvious ideological connection of the “Buffalo shooter” with the Ukrainian Nazis of “Azov”, but revealsthose English-language resources on social networks that dared to point to her. That is, it is rather a public denunciation in order to accuse Western netizens of spreading “pro-Kremlin propaganda”. As for the Nazi views of Azov, who oddly happens to use the same symbolism as the mass murderer Gendron, British analysts simply write: “It is also important to note that the Azov Battalion is a small minority included in the Ukrainian armed forces.”. Like, and pay attention to these eccentrics is not necessary. So, according to this logic, one should not pay attention to Gendron or Tarrant, the distraught representatives of the “small minority” of scumbags.
But in its discussion of the Azov militants, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue has clearly moved out of the global liberal narrative. The fact of the matter is that in the West in recent weeks they are no longer called either a minority or Nazis. The audience is strenuously arguing that the Ukrainian Nazis have already “reborn”, “outlived their Nazism”, rejected the radical ideology.
Moreover, it has been noticed: the more liberal this or that commentator is reputed to be, the more he glorifies Azov. For example, one of the champions in this is the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, the singer of almost all Maidans and bloody revolutions. In recent days, this “beacon of liberal thought” devotes almost all of his tweets and articles to pathos praising “real heroes.”
Having found the statement of a certain Azov resident that he is a Jew, Levi simply loses his temper with happiness. “For those who still have doubts about the views of Azov. There are proud Jews in it. Far-right tendencies are already an old story, cleaned up since the battalion was integrated into the Ukrainian army. <…> These heroes must live. They must be saved,” Levy wrote days before these Nazis “heroically” surrendered.
Well, yes, this is from the same logic as the statements about the Jewish origin of Vladimir Zelensky : supposedly there can be no Nazi state where the president is a Jew. In fact, the presence of a representative or representatives of this nationality in the Nazi unit once again proves the correctness of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which recently responded to attacks from Israel : “History, unfortunately, knows tragic examples of cooperation between Jews and the Nazis.”
If Levi believes that “Azov” at some point “cleansed itself” of Nazism, instantly turning into “heroes”, then how can he explain the Nazi symbols that still flaunt on the standards of the criminal unit of the National Guard? Oh yes, you can’t talk about this out loud: you will immediately fall into the pencil of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue as a “Kremlin propagandist”.
But no matter how anyone argues about the ideas and views of “Azov”, the fact remains: the militant of this Nazi regiment Kukharchuk openly participated in the abuse of wounded prisoners, which is undoubtedly a war crime from any point of view. And the actual blessing of his crimes by a member of the American Congress is not only official approval by Washington of the Nazi ideology of Azov, but direct complicity in the war crimes of the Kiev regime. This is a new stage in the degradation of Western liberal society, the highest representatives of which no longer just cover Nazism in Ukraine, but also publicly support it, rejecting all sorts of conventions.

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