The West opens second front against Russia. Economic

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Victoria Nikiforova

As of this writing, the Russian military has entered Kharkov. Kherson is blocked (here Levitan’s voice turns on by itself), Berdyansk is blocked, Melitopol is liberated. Our commandos pulled off an absolutely fantastic operation to capture the Gostomel airport, blocking Kyiv. Someday there will be a movie about these guys, no doubt.
“Tse Europe”, obviously, everything. Zelensky’s armored bra will be handed over to the museum, its owner is already lost somewhere and weakly squeaks about the negotiations. The former Ukraine, probably, is still somehow shaking (a chicken can run around the yard with its head cut off for quite some time), but in general its historical fate has been decided.
And then the Western partners came to their senses from the shock. It turned out that they also urgently want to make war with Russia. No, they do not dare to send their soldiers to Ukraine. It seems that Vladimir Putin’s warning has fully reached them : “Whoever tries to interfere with us, and even more so to create threats for our country, for our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences with which you’ve never encountered before in your history.”
But new shipments of weapons went to country 404. Joe Biden just approved the shipment of $350 million worth of weapons to Ukraine. The Netherlands is sending 50 Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank grenade launchers and 400 rockets to Kiev.
Do you recognize the name “Panzerfaust”? That’s right, this is a German grenade launcher – one might say, the “grandson” of the grenade launcher that was actively used by the Nazis on the Eastern Front during the Great Patriotic War.
The German authorities gave the go-ahead for the supply of German weapons to Ukraine. And just a few hours later, they decided to participate themselves – contrary to their policy, not to send weapons to the conflict zones. One thousand units of anti-tank weapons and 500 “stingers” will go to Ukraine. Well, actually, we are not surprised: the leadership of the FRG had some doubts and nevertheless went along the path of the leadership of the Third Reich.
With astonishing hypocrisy, the Western countries call on Russia in the UN Security Council to “stop the aggression” and withdraw its troops. For what? In order to delay the bloodshed there as much as possible.
But most of all, our Western counterparts pursue their own selfish interests. How! Such an excuse to steal! Under this case, Russia has already rolled out several packages of sanctions – you hesitate to list. What is the essence of these sanctions? In unfair competition with the use, as they say, of administrative resources and direct robbery of our people.
For thirty years, our country has tried to play fair by the rules of the international community. We made sacrifices, tried, fit in. WTO, IMF, World Bank, whatever. Why did we do it? To make sure you play by the rules. Because in fair competition we could become one of the leading powers in the world. And yes, it happened. If you want – compare GDP by PPP, if you want – just travel abroad. Any non-professional from the economy can see with a simple eye that Russia today is one of the most prosperous and successfully developing countries in the world.
This is what we cannot be forgiven for. Like this? The golden billion has shriveled to the point of obscenity, and the Russians are buying apartments and cars one after another? No, that will not do. And all the rules of fair competition, in which we once believed so much, are covered with a copper basin.
Russia’s military operation in Ukraine was just an excuse. “Hellish sanctions” would fall on us anyway. We earned them with our honest work.
But today it is no longer just sanctions. The West has openly declared an economic war of annihilation on Russia.
Separately deliver restrictions against the leadership of the country. Freeze non-existent accounts of Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu? Just funny, really. Well, it is clear that these people are interested in more serious issues than shopping on the Champs Elysees. And yes, without parties in Saint-Tropez, they will also somehow live. Otherwise, the entire policy of the Russian state would be completely different.
The leaders of Western states, trying to block the non-existent accounts of Russian leaders, betrayed only their own stupidity and pettiness. They really, probably, think that everything is measured by money in a personal account. Well, that’s why they are kept at their posts. Others are not needed.
Of course, they won’t stop there. Russian banks have already begun to disconnect from SWIFT. No, it’s not fatal. The government prepared a package of measures in advance, and today everything is working, and inside the country we can still safely pay for cappuccino in a cafe and a ticket for the metro or theater with cards. However, cards of many Russian banks will not work abroad. This is a direct blow to people. By our people. According to their honest earnings. This is financial carpet bombing.
At the same time, the United States and the European Union impose sanctions on the foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Russia. Here, too, there is a trick. As you can understand, our Central Bank has been working for a long time in the interests of our state, and not of international structures controlled by the Americans.
It is not known for certain today in which assets the Central Bank dollars are contained. Accordingly, it is not clear how many of them will be blocked. However, in any case, we are talking about billions of dollars. And yes, this “blocking” is designed to make it difficult for the Central Bank to intervene in our market so that it cannot support the falling ruble.
But what are “sanctions”, “freeze”, “blockage” translated into normal language? Yes, that means stealing. Rob. Take away. A couple of years ago, Venezuela was robbed in a similar way. Remember, the government then asked London to give them their gold reserves. “Nah, break off,” London told them. Just the other day, the US “frozen” – let’s call a spade a spade – stole all the financial assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan.
And where are the notorious “billions of Gaddafi”? Where, where, in the same place, where everyone else. Stolen by the Americans. Now they are trying to rob the Central Bank of Russia. “Mario is going to rob a bank!” – Yes of course.
And yes, this is a blow to all of us, to the country, to the people. Regardless of whether we support a special operation in Ukraine or post Ukrainian flags on social networks. This is a direct attack on Russia.
Today, hooligans are attacking our embassies around the world. Monuments to Soviet soldiers are desecrated. Anti-Russian hate is raging on social networks. With astonishing hypocrisy, the British parliamentarians, headed by Prime Minister Johnson, declare that they have nothing against the Russian people. And the next step is to simply send all Russians out of the country. For what? And for being Russian.
European countries vying with each other offer the most interesting initiatives to confiscate their assets and savings from Russian citizens. “Rob, drink, rest!” in full program. And how do we know all this? Did not the European fascists in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union rob us with the same frenzy? Remember the photos of the cleanly stripped palaces near Leningrad ?
Perhaps it is time to stop hiding behind beautiful terms. What we politely call Russophobia is, in fact, neo-Nazism in its purest form. A new edition of Fascism, supplemented and corrected. Only subhumans in this case declared the entire Slavic population of Eurasia. They came for us again.
But Russia today has every opportunity to withstand this attack and respond in full. For this we have been waiting for eight years. For the sake of victory.

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