The world has ‘changed’

Ibrahim Karagul

The world is in shock. Countries are in shock. Individuals are in shock. Nobody thought a threat, an epidemic could grow to such an extent in the 21st century. Nobody was prepared for this. Nobody could have known that grand countries, states that have more wealth and power than they know how to use would be so helpless.

Our fears were wars, invasions, internal conflicts, economic crises, political crises, and social chaos. A virus’s ability to shake the world to this extent was only seen in fantastical scenarios. The human race’s self-confidence, sagacity was so high that it would not even take such scenarios seriously.

Rich, powerful countries are dissolving. Image, perception, trust have all been destroyed: Humankind, though possessing the knowledge and equipment necessary to search for bacteria on Jupiter’s satellites, were left helpless against a virus that is wreaking havoc in their homes, streets and cities. The world’s wealthiest, most powerful in particular, the countries with the highest welfare level have basically collapsed.

Their healthcare systems, their medical competence, the lifestyle they promise their people, the image they showed the world have collapsed. The image, perception and trust they gained to this day have been destroyed. The weakest aspects of the powerful have been revealed. Everything they tried to conceal has been exposed. It has become apparent that the wealth and power of these countries, which are currently unable to even provide the most basic health services to their people, cannot give anything to the world.

There will no longer be a US image, EU model, or Atlantic order. There is no longer a US image. There is no longer any such thing as the European Union. The world order of the West and the Atlantic axis is no more. How those who have been shaping the world for centuries decayed inwardly and how the sins they have been hiding consumed them have also been revealed.

Those that exploited the entire world, seized resources and markets, those that punished and destroyed the ones who rejected their claims, those that think they are the lord of the earth are now unable to find a $1-mask to distribute to their people.

The most selfish countries are those the most in need of help: Those with control over trillions of dollars are now plundering each other’s respiratory devices. Those who formed power alliances and attacked, then plundered every region of the world are now stealing from one another. It seems as though the most selfish, the greediest countries are paying the heaviest price. It is as though the most ruthless countries have become most in need of compassion.

A new world will be established. States will become withdrawn. National production will come to the fore: The epidemic is going to end and humanity is going to wake up to a new world. Whether we accept it or not, a new world is going to be established. A world whose axis has changed, a world in which power and wealth have changed hands, the political and economic order have changed character, and which questions the Western lifestyle will take shape.

States are going to become withdrawn. Every country is going to pull back to their national domain, to their own activity map. They are going to produce their own strategic products and make basic competence plans. Agriculture is going to gain as much prominence as defense, industry and technology. Seeds of distrust are going to be sown among nations; they are no longer going to have any expectations from one another and start making plans with respect to independence.

It is now ineffable that countries which are already accusing each other due to mask demands will expect anything from each another for strategic products in the future.  States are going to resort, not to cheap investment areas but to fields of national investment.

Everything Turkey prepared for has become ‘reality’: Those undermining Turkey’s “localism and nationalism” theory are going to see the whole world taking the same path. Everything Turkey has been preparing for in the last decade is becoming a “world reality”: defense, localization, systemic transformation (the presidential system), social state, relief organizations, geopolitical plans, strengthening the central power domain, returning to its own claims (to its historical legacy), equipment preparation in a way that it will not need supra-national structures, implicit acceptance that the global system has collapsed, strong leadership and coordination, economic-political and foresight awareness, and the acumen to neutralize a very powerful front has been established within the country against all this. Do those who were barking see what’s happening now?

These were preparations for the world of the future. We made a very early start. We are more well-equipped than many European countries. This is the very reason why the preparation against the epidemic is being carried on so meticulously, with such calm and rational organization. While numerous countries are collapsing due to panic, Turkey is demonstrating an incredible coordination ability.

You can be sure that those who were barking for a return to the parliamentary system and giving up the presidential system, those who personalized the global journey of a great country like Turkey haven’t the faintest clue with respect to how they can confront such a crisis. Will they know how to be ashamed, step aside, keep quiet?

Those who tried to stop this country as great projects were being implemented, city hospitals were being built, a strong air force and maritime power was being established, economic vigilance was in place, and as the country started to rise with all its institutes and assets while its social solidarity efforts were being mocked must now know be aware of their shame and keep mum. All countries are paying a price and they will continue to do so. However, after it is all said and done, I have no doubt at all that Turkey will be one of the world’s few rising stars.

‘How will the world change?’ is now an old question. ‘It has already changed’: The epidemic (COVID-19) has already infected more than 1 million people worldwide. It has killed more than 70,000. In fact, there is no convincing estimate with respect to how high this number will climb. States, health institutes, national security circles are preparing for the worst case scenario.

All of humanity is fighting against a shadow. That shadow, that epidemic has already changed the way humanity, states and individuals behave as well as their priorities. It is now too late to ask the question, “How will the world change?” This is due to the fact that the change in question has already begun.

The world has already changed. The countries that projected this and prepared accordingly are going to make great progress. They are going to open the doors leading to the future. We are going to witness the countries that could not foresee and prepare, that had confidence in their power and arrogance collapse one after the other.

A vaccine, cure will be found very soon: Almost 20 countries are striving to find a vaccine and cure. Some have reached the stage of being tested on humans. Some of the known medications are also being used in treatments now. We are perhaps going to witness the fastest production of a vaccine and cure ever. However, global panic has reached such heights that countries like the US and Israel have even started to steal protective masks through their intelligence agencies and seize health items belonging to other countries.

It is sad but true that the world’s superpowers are unable to even produce masks; countries that have reached the peak of wealth and luxury are unable to provide the most basic health items and needs; they chose the easy way out and procured these from China.

China may face hundred million dollar lawsuits: China, being the country that spread the disease to the world, is trying to garner sympathy with the health aid it is providing. It is implementing a sort of soft power. However, at the end of the epidemic, individuals, organizations, companies and states are likely to file hundreds of millions of dollars in action for damages against China. The talk in the U.K., in particular, is that the virus did not spread from animals but rather a person from a Wuhan laboratory was infected, which is how it spread. This supports the opinion that the virus may have been “engineered.” Now, this may start huge fights.

Let’s see which countries will remain under the rubble: Every country’s experience is a tragedy for us. Every country’s pain is common. The enemy is common, but solidarity is essential. Yet, every country must learn its own lesson. The perception of the state, perception of trust and life in people’s minds is completely changing. This belief is being completely shattered in the US and European countries. An incredible power war, a geopolitical showdown, a psychological war is being carried on through the epidemic. Let us see which countries will remain under the ruins.