The year 2022 starts with massive protests

Written by The Frontier Post

Valentin Loginov, Alexey Poplavsky

The year 2022 began with massive protests. This mainly affected the European part of the world. Riots have erupted in Europe against strict covid restrictions. As it turned out, there are much more of those who oppose quarantine measures than obedient citizens.
Large-scale protests took place in France, where people rejected the government’s ideas about vaccine passes. The rallies were joined by the “yellow vests” that have been fighting on the streets with the Macron regime since 2018. Meanwhile, the draft on special passes has already passed the first reading and headed to the Senate. If this law is approved, the French risk facing widespread discrimination. After all, no one there is used to dividing society into categories, even in view of the serious spread of the omicron strain.
More than 100 thousand people took to the streets of France last Saturday. It came to clashes with the police. The audience was 4 times more than during the December 2021 protests. Analysts believe this may be related to a recent interview with Macron. There he said that he was going to “get the unvaccinated by all means.” People saw it as discrimination. The leader of the Patriots Party Florian Filippo, who opposes the President of the country, called Emmanuel Macron “a madman in power” because of the upcoming “covid” measures. Filippo has enough associates who are ready to support his words. Obviously, France can face a large-scale crisis this month, including an epidemiological one. Experts advise preparing for the worst.

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