Theatrical performance highlights violence against women

Theatrical performance highlights violence against women

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Rafi Peer Theatre organized a series of theatrical performances in different cities to highlight various forms of intolerance and violence, especially against women, and how different segments of the society can contribute towards ending the menace. The theatrical performance titled ‘Ab Nahi’ was showcased at Fatima Jinnah Woman University, Islamabad, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, University of Gujrat and Sialkot Woman University from February 18 to February 20, in line with the Dukhtaran-e-Pakistan initiative of the government of Pakistan.

Students, academia and government representatives were invited to the events organized by the Rafi Peer Theatre. The play – Ab Nahi – included engaging performances by seasoned actors on various forms of violence women and girls face every day in the society. The events also included a lively discussion on the play, its lessons, and how everyone can contribute to ending the menace. The theatrical performance highlighted intolerance and violence as societal ailments which contribute towards regression of the social fabric, propelling injustice, illiteracy and inequity, while also strengthening negative cultural norms and practices. It also portrayed that a woman equipped with information and literacy will not only disable injustices but can also help other women and girls seek support to break the cycle of violence and abuse against them.

In a discussion on the occasion, the participants stressed the need to promote unity, peace and tolerance in the society. They said violence against women and girls is wrong which needs to be openly talked about among friends, peers and family members. They maintained that the change has to start with individuals and stressed the need to raise awareness to create gender equality in the society. They were of the view that in order to break gender stereotypes, everyone needs to start with his own household.

It is only with the support of the men that the women in the society can be empowered and get their due rights, they underlined. They said theater is a good medium to engage the audience while also sharing lessons on ending violence against women.