‘There are battles in the vicinity of Alma-Ata’

Written by The Frontier Post

Victoria Nikiforova

Initially, there were many strange things in the Kazakhstani protests. The reason for them – the rise in gas prices – looked like a pure formality. Prices soon dropped to near zero, but the unrest only intensified.
The incredible speed with which events unfolded was also striking. In terms of tempo and cruelty, what was happening did not at all resemble protest activity, but an attempt at an armed coup. After all, we have recently looked at the “peaceful protestors” – Mom, do not worry. We know very well what they look like, all these fashionable hipsters, intelligent grannies, crazy mothers with children and their gender undecided partners. Such people are capable of wandering aimlessly through the streets for months with creative posters and selfies with the stars of the protest.
But here everything was different. No sane political agenda and its speakers, no Maidans with show business, songs and dances. Only a very businesslike and bloody mess – the murders of the security forces, the arson of administrative buildings, the seizure of weapons stores. Instead of peaceful protesters, the footage of the news TV channels was entirely trained young people in sports jackets, who scurried between burning cars in an organized manner.
News headlines were delivered separately. “There are battles in the vicinity of Alma-Ata.” “Protesters have seized the airport of Almaty”. Where have you seen “peaceful protesters” who professionally shoot with the military and seize the main airport of the country in just a couple of hours?
It seems that the bond between Islamists and criminals – and all the attacks on the security forces were clearly gangster intimidation actions – and the external customers of the coup were carried out by the fugitive Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov. In any case, yesterday in an interview with Reuters, he called himself the leader of the protests.
His biography is simply fantastic. His critics claim that he is closely associated with Kazakh criminals. God knows whether it is so or not, but for more than ten years now, law enforcement agencies of several countries have been hunting for him. Endless trials, arrests, detentions, mysterious disappearances, extradition requests, disappeared millions… Monte Cristo at maximum speed.
Having escaped from Kazakhstan with stolen (according to Kazakh law enforcement officers) billions, Ablyazov first of all ended up in London. As you know, there is no issue from the Thames. Despite all requests for extradition, he was registered there as a “refugee”. In 2017, the Financial Times published an interesting investigation into Ablyazov’s life abroad. What is not there – and close ties with employees of the American and British special services, and the mysterious patronage of the British authorities to the “refugee”.
In 2012, the High Court of London sentenced Ablyazov to 22 months in prison. However, on the eve of the announcement of the verdict, the oligarch was allowed to flee the country. At the same time, he was not deprived of his “refugee” status. Ablyazov moved to France, from there they tried to extradite him to Russia (here he was also caught on fraudulent schemes), but it was the refugee status that prevented this. By default, he assumed that Ablyazov was not a swindler, but a political prisoner.
In 2020, the oligarch got hold of this status in France as well.
Thus, the authorities of Britain and France legalized a person suspected of various economic crimes. And in January 2022, this criminal talent ended up in Kiev, declared himself the leader of the protest and began to conduct events in Kazakhstan. In parallel, hundreds of Western NGOs were working in the field – from the Red Cross to the notorious USAID with their endless budgets and whole armies of volunteers.
The intervention of the CSTO peacekeepers allow-ed the Kazakh security fo-rces to begin pacifying terrorists and bandits who we-re trying to carry out a cou-p. And then the third act of the Merleson Ballet began.
Yesterday, Western media came out with front-page headlines like “Under the Pretext of Riot, Putin Orchestrates Expansion into Kazakhstan.” This is the American The New York Times.
And here, for example, the British Daily Mail : “Vladimir Putin is sending troops to Kazakhstan to suppress the protests that erupted over the rise in gas prices.” The Washington Post analyst writes openly about “Putin’s invasion of Kazakhstan” and predicts a sad future for Ukraine in this regard.
That is, what kind of picture appears in the virgin brains of the Western man in the street? In a distant and impoverished country whose name ends in -stan, the local sultan raises gas prices. The impoverished population is entering the squares. The Sultan calls for help from Putin, and the insidious Kremlin immediately introduces troops into the territory of a sovereign state. Horror-horror-horror. And in the near future, a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine will be forced on the common man in the same way – and all this will fall on well-prepared soil, filled with hysterics in the style of “Mad Vlad’s plan: Putin plans a blitzkrieg in Ukraine and nuclear blackmail of the West in order to recreate the USSR.”
And how well this all coincides with the negotiations between the United States and Russia on the non-expansion of NATO to the east. And let us note that the Western regimes do not really care about Kazakhstan itself. Whether they raised gas prices there or lowered them, they kill on the streets or not – but who cares? The main plot of the propaganda is devoted to the fact that “Putin has moved the troops.”
One involuntarily gets the impression that the Western customers were not particularly worried about the result of the terrorist attack in Kazakhstan. If you manage to demolish Tokayev’s government – great. A new hotbed of brutal nationalism, militarism and poverty will appear in the underbelly of Russia, and soon an American military base will certainly be established there. Failure is also not bad. The peacekeeping mission of the CSTO countries will make it possible to throw a tantrum about “Russian expansion”. And under this case, you can walk around Ukraine even more and pump it up with weapons.
It is Moscow that would like independent, stable, self-confident countries to live and prosper along the borders of Russia.
It would be easy to negotiate with them, to establish relations. But for Washington, they are all non-state, just no one’s land, a territory of free hunting.
This is exactly how, cynically and impudently, Kazakhstan is being used today. Corpses on the streets, burning buildings in the center of the most beautiful Alma-Ata, fear and despair of people who have lost their loved ones – all this is just a pretext for another information attack on Russia.
Previously, it was enough to pump oil from Kazakhstan – it is no secret that two-thirds of the local oil industry belongs to Western corporations. And today the West is pumping blood from there. Ukraine is next to them.

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