There are mines – no mind is needed

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Mikhail Sheinkman

We thought that in order to defend ourselves against Russia, one didn’t need a lot of cleverness. All the more so when the NATO battalion is at hand, and its aviation is on the wing. Now the only thing left for them is to pray for these “hellish cars”. However, they have one plan.
You can’t even tell about it: a good mine with a bad game. Because there is no one to play. To buy from Finland these good deep-sea mines capable of de-stroying an object without touching it, the Estonian Defense Ministry had to disband the military band and disperse the army chaplains. So they don’t sing songs here and don’t attract God, but anyone who swi-ms up will fly up to the sky here. So far, purely hypothetical. Since there are mines, they did not give the mind. The Finns have been wise with them in such a way that you can’t figure it out without instructions. And she, apparently, was not included in the cost of the product.
To purchase separately, you have to donate someone again. But no one is already gone – everyone went to the front. And no one there can figure out where this thing has a button. For the locals, its programming on the enemy’s ship, which is glasses for a monkey. Either they press it to the top of the head or take it lower, then they sniff it, then they lick it, the bomb does not reveal its secret in any way. “Our ordinary sailor cannot cope with this. We need specialists with knowledge of physics, chemistry, information technologies,” admits the commander of the Navy, Yuri Saski, that “knowledge is power” is not about them. If they were too literate, they were probably reduced to musicians and priests.
We thought that in order to defend ourselves against Russia, one didn’t need a lot of cleverness. All the more so when the NATO battalion is at hand and the alliance’s aviation is on the wing. So it turns out that they can only pray for these “hellish cars”. However, they have one plan. That’s enough consideration. Acc-ording to maritime laws, if it happens, they must officially declare that the water area is mined. Therefore, it is enough just to say about it. Nobody will check whether there is something at the bottom or not. Another thing is that this can scare away not only strangers, who are of little interest to the Estonian bottom, but also their own.
Nevertheless, Estonia, it must be admitted, has been pretty blown up. In the ac-tive sense of the word. She took up rearmament. After all, Blue Spear acquired anti-ship complexes for the change from the money saved on the orchestra and chaplains. “Blue spear”, that is. Will come in a couple of years. They say that it can reach St. Petersburg. If, of course, they have time to get it themselves. From the same series and multiple launch rocket launchers. They hit three hundred kilometers. They, however, figured out a joint together with Lithuania and Latvia. Enough for only one unit for three.
We haven’t decided how to use it yet. But the options are few. Or as a pipe of peace – to get together and start up in a circle. Or, like a suit in a Soviet hostel – to wear it in turn. The main thing is not to shoot. And then the arrows will end quickly. In general, among European tobaccos there is a Baltic trinity, that of Cerberus. If only to show the teeth of Russia. Only this is Cerberus on the contrary – one head for three bodies. Therefore, sometimes there is not enough brains. But if they get a synchronized volley, then it is felt – we live next to each other. Although, to disperse this case, we just need to brush it off.

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