“There is no agreement among comrades”

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Victoria Nikiforova

“Russia is winning the energy war,” the American magazine Time states with pain. Well, really. Already ten European countries, according to Bloomberg, have agreed to buy Russian gas for rubles. Trade in hydrocarbons with India and China is shifting to the yuan. And “dissidents” Poland and Bulgaria “Gazprom” has just turned off the valve.
This decision was absolutely justified. Both countries refused to buy gas for rubles. Poland is also non-stop supplying weapons to Ukraine and is preparing to climb into its territory with its manpower.
If these countries were even slightly sovereign, they would not, of course, behave in the style of “dementia and courage.” Poland receives 55% of gas from Russia, Bulgaria – 90%. But in fact, these are not countries, but American protectorates. Even at the dawn of its independent existence, Bulgaria was directly forbidden to build the Belene nuclear power plant together with the Russians. Now the overseas masters have pressed again. Well, the population will sit, freeze, think, maybe they will understand something.
“But this [ Gazprom ‘s decision] scared the rest of Europe,” mourns Time. The EU has already been arguing for a month and a half about how it would be so easy to impose an oil and gas embargo on Russia, but at the same time not to die of cold and hunger. After Gazprom’s decision, the disputes flared up even hotter. “There is no agreement among the comrades.”
Forecasts are worse than one another. The German “Der Spiegel” explained that, having abandoned Russian hydrocarbons, Germany would not be able to fill its gas storage facilities for the winter. The only way out will be to stop the entire industry of the country for the spring and summer. Excuse me, but what to live on?
Even the German business elite, intimidated to the point of madness by Washington, came out and admitted that without Russian hydrocarbons, everything would stop and go bankrupt. Europeans are already prepared to suffer from the heat in summer and freeze in winter.
By the way, it is not customary to talk about this, but in Europe, even in middle-class families, they always saved on air conditioning and heating. Therefore, in August, they usually had records for deaths of older people from overheating, and in January – from the cold. These are not some homeless people who died, these are pensioners who saved money in their apartments. And what will happen next?
Nevertheless, Washington continues to put pressure on the morale of its European partners. It doesn’t turn out well, Time meticulously calculates: “By April 7, the EU gave Ukraine about a billion euros, but during the same time (in the sense, from the beginning of the special operation) it paid 35 billion to Russia for oil and gas. <…> And although European countries are pumping Ukraine with weapons, they still have not been able to neutralize the Russian bear.”
Russian bear – he is, yes. In his lair, in addition to hydrocarbons, there is also a breakthrough of something useful for the world economy: 20% of the world’s nickel, 30% of palladium, 40% of enriched uranium. By the way, we still sell uranium to the States. A critical number of nuclear power plants depend on it there. We must pay tribute to the courage of the authors of Time – they offer the Americans to abandon Russian uranium. “To the madness of the brave we sing a song.”
And here a natural question arises: why not shut off the valve for all of them, relatively speaking? As Vyacheslav Volodin put it in his telegram : “Why should we wait? If you refuse strategic relations, live without Russia for at least one year.”
After all, what infuriates our Western opponents the most today? Not only the concrete successes of Rus-sia in the economic war, although they are, of co-urse, impressive. The ruble exchange rate is taking new heights, the Moscow Exc-hange is seeing steady gr-owth, and there is no panic in business and citizens. Probably, if a special operation had begun in 2014, we would not have survived under a flurry of sanctions. But today the economy looks prepared for all the shocks from “partners”.
But most of all the West is irritated by the very fact of our independence. That is, how is it possible for the Russians to decide for themselves who to sell their resources to and for how much? Wasn for this with them so long worked?
For decades, we have been told that Russia needs to enter the free market, integrate into all existing international organizations, borrow money, globalize, and negotiate. And then the “market will decide” – and everything will be fine with us.
As a result, instead of the IMF and the WTO, we ended up in some kind of casino where, by default, the American croupier wins, sometimes throwing small change to his European Chaldeans. Today, Western “partners” have the most fantastic wishes about our resources.
Then we must supply them with gas at fixed prices, God knows who and when. Then the idea arises to establish a certain price ceiling now, so that, God forbid, Russia does not earn on the insane rise in prices for hydrocarbons, which the West itself provoked. Then we are blackmailed by the fact that they will not buy resources at all. And immediately there are cunning plans, as if to postpone this refusal until later.
There has been no fair market in our relations for a long time. Money and property are openly stolen from Russia. At the same time, if you please, supply gas on a schedule and for free. But we won’t sell our Louis Vuitton bags to you, because we are so progressive. Beads, ugh, bags in exchange for oil. These are “colony-metropolis” relations, but today they do not work. And this extremely irritates our contractors.
And all this madness rests on exactly one idea. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the collective West has taken all our natural wealth as its own. Since the beginning of the 90s, there have been complaints about the fact that Russia is using hydrocarbons as a weapon. And they always mean only one thing. The Russians have the audacity not to give us everything for free. The Russians are trying to bargain. For some reason, they decided that they were not a colony, which the Protestant god himself intended for robbery, but an independent state, an independent entity in the global market.
The term “energy war” allegedly waged by Russia against Europe arose a long time ago. There has never been a Maidan, or even attempts by Ukrainians to steal gas from a pipe. Here is the venerable German monograph “The European Union, Russia and Eurasia : The Return of Geopolitics”, published in 2008. They are already talking with might and main about the “energy war” that Russia is directly tirelessly waging against Europe.
In fact, decades of cooperation with Russia have allowed Europe to build an exemplary national economy on most of its territories. High technologies and cozy restaurants, resorts and aircraft industry, boutique hotels and auto industry, restored medieval castles, luxurious autobahns, museums and galleries. Everything we admire so much.
All the things we loved so much. Everything in which our tourists invested millions of euros a year, and how much our businessmen invested.
And all this luxury, all this progress, all this publicized civilization with its human rights activists, transgender people and eternal denunciations of “unwashed Russia” rested on a single foundation – cheap energy resources from the same Russia. The situation, by the way, is about the same as in Ukraine, only on an enlarged scale. This whole circus with horses, swastikas and embroidered shirts flourished at one time only thanks to cheap Russian gas. Gas ran out – Ukraine ran out.
Doesn’t the same fate await Europe? It’s hard to disagree with Volodin: why keep their economy afloat if they rob us and even try to fight with us, using the unfortunate Ukrainians as zombie proxies?
High-tech production will collapse without palladium and nickel from Russia. Everything else will be finished off by the lack of oil and gas. Will there be a howl about the “energy war”? Well, it did not start yesterday, and no matter what we do, it will continue to grow. Moreover, don’t go to your grandmother, this summer the Western mass media will also accuse us of a “food war” – we won’t supply our wheat to unfriendly countries, right?
The world oligarchy, inciting wars and conflicts around the world today, purposefully raises prices for a “simple product”. Remember Adam Smith in Pushkin’s popular retelling: “… How the state grows rich, and how it lives, and why it does not need gold when it has a simple product.” Previously, it was wheat and rye, all agricultural products. Today it is the same wheat, meat, milk, and also hydrocarbons, diamonds and rare earth metals. Resources, in short.
This is the true wealth of our country. It would be nice to keep it for yourself and your friends. Any restriction on the supply of all this to unfriendly countries will be offset by high prices. And cheap resources inside Russia will allow us to build our civilization to the envy of Europe. With high technology and cozy restaurants – everything is as it should be.
And if the Western partners are upset, we will tell them: what did you want? The market has decided. His “invisible hand” was invented just by Adam Smith, who Onegin was so fond of.

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