This diamond-shaped bar dangles 280 metres up in the air in Georgia

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Selina Denman

Georgia’s latest tourist attraction, a 240-metre-long hanging bridge with a glass walkway and a diamond-shaped bar sitting at its centre, is not for the faint-hearted.

Dubbed the Diamond Bridge, the new structure was unveiled at Dashbashi Canyon, which is a two-hour drive from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, this week. It was constructed by investment company Kass Group, which has been granted permission by the Georgian government to develop two square kilometres of the area into a tourist site.

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People attend the opening ceremony of the 240-metre-long 'Diamond Bridge' in Georgia. AFP
People attend the opening ceremony of the 240-metre-long ‘Diamond Bridge’ in Georgia. AFP

Plans include “the establishment of an exclusive resort including 100 units in a closed-off premises overlooking the reserve, as well as a visitor’s centre, restaurants, swimming pools, breathtaking bridges, restrooms, camping areas and many more amenities”, according to Kass Group’s website.

“The various elements in the reserve will boast an advanced laser-incorporated audio and lighting system, which will create an audio-visual show effect on the side of the mountain.”

Sitting at the bridge’s highest point is a multi-level bar, which is bidding to be crowned the largest and tallest hanging structure in the world by Guinness World Records.

The Diamond Bridge is described as the project’s “crown jewel” by Kass Group. Made from glass and steel, it rises to 280 metres and stretches across the canyon, which has been carved by the Ktsia River cutting through the volcanogenic rocks of the Dashbashi volcanic plateau.

The canyon is one of Georgia’s most impressive natural attractions, made all the more so by this new gravity-defying structure. Views from the walkway and bar take in the area’s waterfalls, caves and vegetation.

For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, the area is home to a 1.8 kilometre-long hiking trail.

The launch of the Diamond Bridge coincides with Georgia dropping all remaining Covid-19 entry restrictions for international visitors.

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