Three killed, nine injured in Train accident in northern India

Monitoring Desk

NEW DELHI: At least three persons were killed and nine others were injured when thirteen coaches of an express train derailed in northern India early Friday.

As per the Indian media the incident happened because of thick fog in the area when Vasco Da Gama Express flipped off the tracks after leaving Manikpur station in Uttar Pradesh state and was heading for the Bihar state.

Local police Chief, Pratap Gopendra Singh told Indian media that three passengers were killed including a six years old boy and nine others are injured.

He added that incident was happened because the region wore a blanket of fog and it creating problems in the rescue operations.

Traffic on the main rail link was disrupted for several hours. The accident is the latest disaster to hit India’s creaking railways.

The incident happened on the first anniversary of a derailment in the same state in which 146 people died.