Three rockets target Golan Heights, one lands in Jordan

AMMAN: Jordan is searching for a rocket that Israeli media says has fallen on its territory.

Israeli media reported on Saturday evening that two rockets were fired from Syria at the occupied Golan Heights, and one of them fell on nearby Jordan.

Another Israeli media outlet quoted the army as saying that three rockets were launched from Syria at the Golan Heights a short while ago.

One of the rockets crossed the border and landed in an open area near the northern Israeli town of Meitsar, the army said. The other two projectiles fell short in Syria, with some reports suggesting one landed in Jordan.

An official Jordanian source with knowledge of the incident said that a search was continuing for the rocket. Requesting anonymity, the source told Arab News that the rocket was believed to have fallen on an uninhabited area in Irbid’s Bani Kensnah district on the northwestern borders with Syria and Israel.

The Israeli military said that an incoming rocket alert was activated in an open area near the northern Israeli town of Meitsar in the Golan Heights, close to the border with Syria. The army said the cause was still under review.