Three soldiers killed, 14 civilians injured in Gardez explosion

Three soldiers killed, 14 civilians injured in Gardez explosion

GARDEZ: Earlier in the day, the governor of Paktia province Halim Fadai said that an explosion hit the central square of the Afghan town of Gardez.

Three soldiers have been killed, while 14 civilians have sustained injuries in a car bomb explosion that rocked the Afghan town of Gardez earlier in the day, Abdulrahman Mangal, a spokesman for the local governor, said Thursday.

In addition to these casualties, there has been material damage to nearby markets, shops and public property.

The blast hit the Gardez-Khost road, which connects the town of Gardez in Paktia to Khost in Khost province.

Armed clashes and bomb blasts continue to impact Afghanistan despite the ongoing peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Earlier this week, member of the negotiating team for the Afghan government Nader Nadery said that the Afghan government and Taliban had agreed on the structure of intra-Afghan talks and can start negotiations on the agenda.

In late-November, twin blasts in the central Afghan province of Bamiyan killed 14 people, injured 45 more.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the blasts at that time, with the Taliban denying any involvement.

The United States and the Taliban – Afghanistan’s major armed opposition movement – signed a peace agreement in February that paved the way for reducing violence in the country, a gradual troop withdrawal and for intra-Afghan negotiations.

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